He moves with the catchy single ‘Cold and lonely’

c09a2b9388c2021e5ff795ca37c4ebcb - He moves with the catchy single 'Cold and lonely'

Even though He is with his last single released from the album, the swingin ‘Dance with me’, there is a beautiful display in the upper levels of the Flemish charts, picks up the bland of West-Flanders, with the warm voice now, an early christmas present for his many fans, in the form of a new single. In fact, ‘Cold and lonely’, it is not only the world, but it is also one of them.
As the title suggests, it was not a typical kerstsong just about the heat, the food, the cosy get-together with family, snow-ball fights, and all the presents under the christmas tree, but it is a story of a person who, during the most wonderful time of the year, faced with the loss of a loved one, and feel a sense of loneliness. One story is that He was confronted by a true fan, and that is his impression.

“One of my most loyal of fans had to be suddenly alone, and that was for her, of course, very difficult. Especially with the short days at this time of year are really hard for her, because she would be even more confronted with loss and disappointment. She is well known as the force of my performances, because that’s where she teaches people to know who have similar experiences. They will then speak with them in order to help you to select the next action, and so to strike up new friendships. I’ve already seen it happen, and it gives you a good feeling to know that you are with your music, people can have together.”

The video for “Cold and lonely” shows the contrast between a woman who is Christmas, “celebrate,” and to the family Verhaeghe (and yes, they do that to all of us: He, his wife and children, Laura, Anne, and Robin, on the eve of christmas.