Dieter Coppens refuse to have Nutella to eat

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Dieter Coppens wanted to be in the past, always a biologist, or a natuurdocumentairemaker to be, and that the combination is what he will do in the second season of ” Animalitis’. As the host of Down The Road all The time, that’s travelling, his life changed. If he refuses even chocolate spread to eat. What is wrong with our favourite chocolate?
Dieter Coppens went on to be the program, on a visit to the Willie Smits, a Dutch bio-engineering in malaysian Borneo, and that the visit has opened the eyes of a Dieter. The leading cause of deforestation in the region, in order to make way for the harvesting of palm oil. “it is good that in it: cookies, chocolate, shower gel,…”, according to Dieter Coppens will be in The News. Everything must be sacrified in the area, and there are the animals and the nature of the victim. “Ever since I got back from Borneo, we wouldn’t have any Nutella any more, only the chocolate without palm oil,” it sounds confident when He Av.