Xavier Taveirne gets a post-homophobic message

405f2c3cca07b463769e84e93831520c - Xavier Taveirne gets a post-homophobic message

The presenter Also Tavern, had on Thursday in a message to a homophobic comment in his email box. “Strandjanet, do not look to the vrtniews if you are, I’m sorry, no najetten”, wrote a letter to the sender of the message. Xavier Taveirne decided to post it on Twitter, share it, and that provoked a lot of reactions.

“I just want to do more Also. It was on tv, on the radio, on the beach, everywhere,” wrote one of the followers of the Taveirne. “We have still a lot of work. I can sort of understand his ‘I’m sorry’ is not good. The first sign of the realization that he is wrong?”, responding to Bruno De Lille (france). “Oh dear, another one who is in the closet and it has some problems with himself. Nevertheless, the sad people. NI-attract, Also, have been some reactions, even from colleagues,” said another follower.

Fellow Michaël Van Droogenbroeck and decided to respond, and did so with the statement, “Good to know, that the person in the office we Also. And because of this, even more so than ever before.”