Twin brothers facing each other in the studioshow 3 of Belgium’s Got Talent

cfd9bbb97e694bb5aec9edf912c26561 - Twin brothers facing each other in the studioshow 3 of Belgium's Got Talent

In the second studioshow was the romance Vilja pair finaleticket of the jury, so in the meantime, the three finalist of Belgium’s Got Talent is well known. But he who was given the previous week and the highest number of votes from the viewers at home, who are once again flocking to the post (which 1.056.000 viewers and a 43% share of the market at the VVA 18-54, and live with the+4)? That will be revealed in the third show, on Friday, the 15th of november. In that show, also twin brothers, Bart and Koen Bruyninckx made their appearance, one on the pole, and the other in the fire. The two different acts of the same men, but they may both be in a finals and conquer?

Bart Bruyninckx (28 Days.) and threw a proud look, with his acrobatic pole dance at the audition. Even a small crack in his collarbone was a “crack” is not the lead in saving it. After a short rehabilitation, he has a brand new act on to stage, on the basis of a difficult period in his life. Carl (28, Zandhoven), tries jury and the viewers to enjoy the warmth of a vuuract. He promises to be at this time, more fire and a bigger fire, and hopes to have a few things to show you, which have never been shown in Belgium’s Got Talent.

Even more family fun, there’s a Friday The Gym Sisters (6 To 12 – Vichte). The three mischievous sisters are doing it though, since the class of rhythmic gymnastics. They know each other inside out and are always on the stage, perfect harmony with each other very well. On Friday, they want to be a feat of agility, but is very good to have a good time. Starquality and a voice like a bell, young Karista, Khan (11th – Antwerp, belgium), it has both of those things. The shy little girl has now turned into a real stage animal. They will get to the happy gospelnummer ” This Little Light of Mine, once again, a standing ovation from the audience.