The participants of The world’s Smartest Man to know, Andy Peelman, not

ed0d267c06ae6607c5a1a7ec30769dc7 - The participants of The world's Smartest Man to know, Andy Peelman, not

With great surprise, we said Thursday evening that the candidates ‘knowledge of” The Smartest Man In the World, sometimes poorly, it is. That’s finalespel once again. Christon Oliver Naesen had to go deal with your questions and guilty to stay. Five of the stories from the Bible say you can’t be so hard to have? If Andy Peelman to “The Smartest Man In the World,” look, he’ll probably be just as uncomfortable to have. Chrostin got no further than the term ” actor, gambled yet, but decided to modify it. Oliver Naesen managed to get it, not even to the one correct answer. “I know not,” was the response from the candidates. However, it is The Buurtpolitie ” it’s a program that’s just about the whole of Flanders, meanwhile, has. And, who knew, Andy Peelman, world famous in Flanders as it is, it’s not.

I have to say, Chrostin was the loser of the day, all we can see of her are sure to be back at the finaleweken.