Koen Wauters and Jonas Van Geel promise

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Six weeks ago, the ticket sales of the Red Nose Day on the XL in the sports Arena formally started. That came with the XL, via to be of service to Koen Wauters and James From Yellow to then self-advertise the Qmusic-ochtendshow. They are connected, there is a challenge attached to it: “As we have 5000 tickets and sell them in a week’s time, the present, Carl and I, one day, the ochtendshow of Qmusic. It’s going to be clear on the ticket how much the Qmusic listeners want,” said James.
And if the listeners like this: the 5000 tickets sold up after a few days on the counter, and, therefore, Carl and James on their promise. The two will present on Friday, november 22, from 06: 00 to 09: 00 a.m. in the Qmusic-ochtendshow in place of Sam, Bobby and the Present. What is certain is that the Red Nose Day song ‘My Heart’ at the ochtendshow also be heard live and will be.
Sam, Bobby and present experiences, Carl and James this morning to see if they are ready for it: “I have a suspicion that I will be next week on Friday, not on time, out of my bed to get to,” said Carl. “And I had to take my son, Charlie, might be involved in,” said Jonas, “because, I don’t baby-sit.” Bobby was immediately a candidate for on the morning of the 22nd, november, Charlie, to watch out for. But, Sam, and Wim will be there. “Ah, yes, the light in the room. We do know that the switch is not allowed to stand up hey, you,” said Jonas.