Kinepolis takes over Dutch movie theater Arcaplex on

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Kinepolis takes over from both the property and the operation of the theater Arcaplex is located at Spijkenisse, the Netherlands. The theater, formerly owned and operated by the two brothers, Rump, has 9 meeting rooms and the 951 seats available and has received over 200 000 visitors by 2018.

In the cinema, it was in the spring of 2018 and beyond have been extensively refurbished and extended. The three new exhibition halls were opened, with all the comfort and is equipped with a laser projection for a sharp and crisp image.

Eddy Duquenne, CEO of Kinepolis Group, “We are happy to be in this beautiful movie theater to be able to include them in our group. The men’s Rump in the past few years, and continue to invest in a cinema-like experience high-quality, and we will be working with a lot of fun is expected to continue under the movies banner. Kinepolis, the Netherlands, is a sterbioscoop richer and richer, and we look forward to meeting with the team, and the bioscooppubliek.”

This new acquisition will fit into the expansion strategy by the Kinepolis group. The terms of the 18 Multiplex cinema’s in the Netherlands, and in fourth place in the province of Zuid-Holland. Kinepolis entered the Dutch market in 2014, and there are now over 130 rooms, and over 22,000 people.