Christof Chapsis is the king.

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An actor and a singer, Christof Chapsis will be in 2020, as a king will be crowned. He will play the role of king Arthur will be playing in the adventure familiemusical ” Arthur and the fight for Camelot’. In this presentation from the production house Events Team, in cooperation with C&L Entertainment will be available in april and may to tour 10 of the Flemish culture.”

In his quest to find the sword in the stone, will be Christof, assisted by a young musicalcast: o for a while.a. Charlotte Suijs (as lady Guinevere), Jeroen Logghe (as a knight, Lancelot), Dorothy Wuyts (as a Witch), and Tim Asselman (as Mordred), and to Pieter Jan De Paepe (as the World). This is a cast that is enhanced by an excellent ensemble, and the o for a while.a. Milou Van Mieghem, Who Lernhout, Helene Chambers, Elias Bosmans, Seie Goris, Out of Lambert, and Branko De Waele, Lisa, for The Citizen, a Few Rizzuto, and a few others.

Christof graduated in Musical theatre (Fontys Conservatory Tilburg, the netherlands). He has already had the opportunity to see it in the ’14-18’ and the ‘Marie-Antoinette’. He has played roles in ‘the Family’, a ‘Roller Disco’, with Q3′, ‘Campus 12’, and various television spots. Also, he performs in the next season of ‘D5R’, the role of him in the future. Currently, he tours with an educational show, ” The Spiekpietjes by various schools and cultural centers in the region. He is also a presenter and is active as a solozanger in the business of music under his own name.