A new, single email address

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Their first single, ” Hey, Don’t You Know that we have IT on a cliff, turned, and asked to jump off. Head first to the world of music, record it, have them do 10 000 in fresh followers to be, not in the sand and got bitten. A first time for everything, literally for the first time on the radio for the first time on a big stage for the first time on a talk show. For the first time, it is fun. For a second time, it is still a plezanter. For this reason, IT is their first single on Friday, november 15th: Sing Our Song.

With a keen BOBBETTE clan behind them, and the questions they have to the rest of the world and just Sing Our Song. Don’t worry, your marriage shall be to sing along with. BOBBY sings with devotion, for it is a colorful world. One is that they want to live in, one where they are singing.