With Gert Verhulst, “Then we know the new owner has to be Careful’

With Gert Verhulst, "Then we know the new owner has to be Careful'

On Saturday the 21st of december of this year, we know that the successor of Gert Verhulst in the Samson and Gert. “From the first farewell show at the Studio 100’s Pop-Up Theatre, I make it my successor to the well-known” beams, Gert Verhulst, in an interview with the Showbiz Website.

In march of this year, announced by Gert Verhulst, that he would be there later in the year, it would stop. In the scenario, the drawings and the decorations are ready, the first orchestra rehearsal is now behind us. Especially for this show, picks, Gert Verhulst, and punishment. “It’s going to be a new chain, all pieces of which are whipped in. For an old guy like me, it’s hard to remember”, jokes, Gert Verhulst. That afscheidsshows to be very special, especially for Gert Verhulst and his successor. That is a man or a woman will be the boss of a Witness may be, it is, therefore, a great responsibility falls on the shoulders of the ceo.