Valerie De Booser face of the clothing store, Close-Up

45f3d0232bd1ae4bc974d6eb6dd91fcd - Valerie De Booser face of the clothing store, Close-Up

The Model and businesswoman, Valerie De Booser joined just three months ago, and her store “Histoires de Femmes”, and would have a lot of time on the rest, but that rest is not really in our dna. The News picks up on Thursday with the message, which Was that The Booser is the new face of the ‘Close-Up’, a group of 7 shops, Babs Smith, and Katja Retsin. The latter got in three years ago, out of the case, Babs continued, however, with the ‘Close-Up’. With luck, by the way, because the shops are doing well. There is a big chance that the business in the future, with a boost it will get, especially now that She’s Booser in the face of the retail stores, it is. The Booser has been a while in the campaign from the shops and from now on, there is also a slide show By Valerie De Booser’collection for ‘Close-Up’.
The Booser, it feels a bit like coming home, it was, as it were, once again, as a stylist, to work. For the avoidance of doubt, Valerie De Booser is on the shelves.