The orange-and Mexico is still in the balance, in the semi-final, world cup under 17

41f48833016762a3d7cd086fbeed222f - The orange-and Mexico is still in the balance, in the semi-final, world cup under 17

The orange-and Mexico is still in the balance, in the semi-final, world cup under 17

14 november, 2019 20:28
14-11-19 20:28
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The netherlands hopes that Thursday night, at the expense of Mexico in the final match of the world cup for players under 17 years of age to achieve it. The game is in brazil’s best period started from 20: 30. Follow the semi-finals right here in our liveblog.

Good evening, and welcome to this liveblog! My name is Robbert van der Linde, and I’ll keep you up to date on the activities of Orange (17) against Mexico in the semi-finals of the world cup.

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World cup-17 · * * * a couple of seconds, geleden28 Orange (17) think on the edge, as Ünüvar, the ball binnenkopt. The goal, however, it was found that the attacker was an infringement on the goalkeeper, Garcia would have. The value is going to be there to see it, while the Mexican keeper is provided.World cup under 17 · 2 hours ago

The Mexican fans will show themselves in the best period, even though there’s plenty of orange in the stadium.World cup under 17 · 4 minutes geleden24′ suddenly with four people in front of the wall of the Orange to stand for, it is our hope that the people in mexico to the Netherlands to be a surprise. The efforts of Gomez, however, is more than he seems to himself to be the most distracted by his landgenotenWK (17) · a 5-minute geleden23 Again with a free-kick for Mexico in a dangerous position. This is more for the purpose of Raatsie, careful when of.World cup under 17 · 10 hours ago

18 ” Orange (17) looks on in the opening are often in the offense and has a lot more of the ball than Brazil. To defend it is, however, to art in South America, and have a hole in their defence and be able to find it.World CHAMPIONSHIPS (17) · 24-geleden5′ Mexico wins a free kick in a spot with capabilities. With the ball at Gonzalez, you have been touched by now and then, therefore, close to the intersection. A warning shot by the Mexicans.World cup under 17 · 25 minutes ago

🔢 Here we go! Time for the semi-finals.
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Author#U17WC 🇧🇷⚽️Time plaatsen20:32 am – 14 november, 2019WK 17 · 29 minutes ago, theKick-off! The ball is in the Bezerrão, officially Estádio Walmir Campelo Bezerra, Brazil. Orange (17) with peers of the same age, from Mexico, to determine the first world cup finalist for this year will be.World cup under 17 · 40 minutes ago

All these faces, will we soon not be on the field. Orange (17), it will be against Mexico, to the sick, the captain, Kenneth Taylor, and a suspended right back Ki-Jana, but how Far.World cup under 17 one day ago

Orange (17) is placed, with the chop on the water to the knockout stage of the world cup, but in the meantime, the team’s coach, Peter van der Veen, and all the way to release it. In the eighth-finals, was won 3-1 by Nigeria in the quarter-finals, it was Brazil to a 4-1 defeat delivered to your door. Mexico is defeated, successively, to Japan (2-0) and South Korea (1-0). Japan in the group stage will have to be strong for the Dutch team, so the warning is given.World cup under 17 · 2 pm geledenOranje (17) is struggling with a few of those in the semi-final against Brazil. As will be Kenneth Taylor is out of action, the captain was sick, and left. The Liverpool players, Ki-Jana, How much it is suspended, and when play is replaced by david van der Sloot. At 20.30 hours there will be the potential in the country.

Formation of Orange-17: Raatsie; Van der Sloot, Bogarde, Rensch, Salah-Eddine; Government, Hansen, Maatsen; Taabouni, well-behaved, Ünüvar.

🔶 | This way, we will soon be the place to start! Kenneth Taylor, unfortunately, is ill, left behind in the hotel.
The kick-off is at 20: 30 cet, and a live show at the


AuteurOnsOranjeMoment of plaatsen19:14 – november 14, 2019WK (17) · 5 hours ago

To the appropriate of Dutch teams tonight in action. At 19: 00 will play a Young Amber with a EUROPEAN qualifier against Gibraltar and the Netherlands under-19’s in a friendly duel and win against their peers from the Czech republic. Most eyes will be focused on Orange (17), which at 20: 30 compete against Mexico in the semi-finals of the world cup.World cup under 17 · 7 pm geledenVanavond at 20: 30 hours (central european time) is Orange, (17), at the world cup against Mexico for a place in the final!

4️⃣8️⃣ match down. 4️⃣ to go!
The #U17WC the semi-finals are TONIGHT 🏆
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Author#U17WC 🇧🇷⚽️Time plaatsen13:56 am – november 14, 2019WK 17 · 13 hours ago

Reigning European champion, Amber (17) is on tonight at 20: 30 in the semi-finals of the world cup against Mexico. A list of five players who have a significant role in its success.Back to top

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