An Lemmens brings feestcollectie at LolaLiza

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The belgian fashion brand LolaLiza wearing female empowerment as a high priority. In order to make their feestcollectie have more power to use, the brand is partnering with An Lemmens. A glittery look and a classy black blazer and dress: the collection, An Lemmens created for LolaLiza have for every woman’s taste!
The choice of An Lemmens was LolaLiza to make. With ‘Celebrating Women’campaign, the Belgian label has already on several occasions indicated that they would like to choose strong women who are working for other people. An Lemmens is a person who is perfect in fit. She has been active for years against animal cruelty, because not a single living being, the mass production is supposed to be. An a powervrouw, which is very close to her audience and them to turn on to make the world a better place,” says Veerle De Taeye, marketing manager at LolaLiza.

Also, An Lemmens didn’t have to think too long to get to the drawing board on LolaLiza there: “LolaLiza is an Italian clothing brand with a wide audience, appealing to her individuality in addition to lose. This is something I’m very much in it. In the past I was quite often, as the niche is considered. However, since I am a mommy has made me, and the program’s present you with a wide range of audiences, I am no longer seen as ” that girl with the tattoos and the piercings.”
Leititia Noucana, design director at LolaLiza : “the design of An” s collection, we thought it was important to keep her feminine and glamorous personality in paint, to put on, and at the same time, keep in mind that the collection is accessible to all.”
An have designed five pieces of clothing for the holiday season. A glittery look and a classy black blazer and dress-a perfect outfit for every occasion. And that’s exactly what a member of the jury of Belgium’s Got Talent, is in your mind:
“Partying is what you do on the dance floor in a sexy dress and just as good on the table during a dinner with friends in a comfortable and festive suit. I am very pleased to have the talented souls in the LolaLiza of my ideas would translate into practice, and I can’t wait to be in my collection for the world to see!!!” – An Lemmens