The Team of 2 will flop

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This past Monday, it was VTM, normally in the second episode of ‘The a Team 2 ” is broadcast, but the party didn’t go through. In the series, with, among other things, Lynn Van Royen, was all of one week to a different time of day to move around. The reason for this? The first episode was less than 190.000 people look at it. Who are the remaining episodes you want to see, it will be Friday night, let have to stay up late: the VTM is in The Team, and 2 more after the ‘The Good Doctor’ broadcasts. It’s time for The Team, and 2, it was Monday night taken up by a repetition of the ‘File-X’. A small detail-it looked at more than 300,000 people to the repeat.

The Team of 2 had to be the follow-up to the highly successful first season, the first season in 2015-2016, when the VTM to show and attracted an average of 541.000 eyes.