The new station SCREEN, Plus substitutes, at Telenet, Stories, TV

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Stories, on TV, on the 16th of november 2019 and a TV, Plus. As of 7: 00 a.m. the Telenet tv viewers on channel 40 for the all-new familiezender. The slogan of the new themakanaal sums it up perfectly:’N ‘joy of Life’. The ” n “stands for nostalgia and retro, and “life” is used to refer to the health and way of life. Schermgezichten Maarten Cox, and Sarah De Backer, a daily program on the station. The popular radio host Guy has The Advantage, that, after an absence of many years returned to the stage in the direction of the television, it will be about the variety of programs to back up the viewer to be surprised by events from the past few decades. In the spring, and by 2020, it is fun with an in-house programme. TV, Plus gets even more nostalgia, on top, and let chef Alex Hanbuckers well-known for the Zedelgemse at The Herbalist, and the old recipes of grootmoederstijd to breathe new life into.

Starting with the spring of roll SCREEN and the health and lifestyle section, with the former Red-Carpet host, author, and gezondheidscoach by Martine Prenen. They will be given 2 times a week for a program with a variety of sections, where a tv-doctor and Sofie Lemmens – known to the ” Is there a doctor in the house?’ and the ‘Friends’actress Margot Hallemans to contribute to it. Like The Fish, will be ‘Resilience’, in its turn, panel discussions on themes that are important to have in order to deal with your condition.

The initiative for the new themakanaal comes from a variety of media outlets. As of Saturday 16th of november 2019 and may be, Telenet-watchers day and night, on channel 40 as part of the free themakanaal TV is a Plus.

Guy Has The Advantage
What is it that keeps people going? What are the Flemish people like to do? Television, as the figures show, that there is still a very good look at a variety of appealing programmes and the new themakanaal TV-Plus great. “We have a wide doelgroepenzender 24/7, as well as provides’N ‘ joy. We create visual content and put the focus on the core of the sound and the touch: the music, the clips, the guests, current affairs, stories, and tips with a retrokarakter that reflect the time in which they take place. Retro resin is the Guy with The Advantage. The host of the popular Radio 2 programme, ‘Pre History’, put a little on and turn off, after a long absence, again, of the step in the direction of the television. “TV is a Plus, it combines all the retro music and the facts, which is perfectly in line with my day-to-day activities. Because of my passion for music, presentation, Route 66 car, which was a step in the direction of the TV, Plus fast-set. In addition, the announcement and point out different programs, I’m looking forward to the filming and broadcast of my own show. I have played a long time with the idea, and finally I found a channel where the picture is at all true,” said the likeable presenter, with a big smile on his face.
The’N ‘joy-factor is on TELEVISION, Plus it is achieved by a “visual radio”, which is the guest, and the clips will be time for a nostalgia test. It is about the songs, the artists and a reflection on the lifestyle of that time. This summer, you could be in the Bobbejaanland theme park is open for the 3rd edition of the Yesterdayland, a nostalgic music festival, with more than 10,000 visitors, at a fixed value, it is turned on the calendar. With TV Plus, you get daily 2 o’clock “Yesterdayland”, where the music is interspersed with facts from the question of the week. As a radio host and producer ensures that He is Of Heavy music in australia.