Stany Crets is waiting impatiently for the winter

0ae7fdd5375b656922c1e6640dd67e9c - Stany Crets is waiting impatiently for the winter

On Tuesday, in the Theater Elckerlyc in Antwerp, the creation of the fifth edition of the annual Winterrevue to start.

And director Stany Crets promises to be a very surprising party edition, where all the registers are open to the legendary “diamond” experience out of it. Orchestra, music, comedy, shows,… are all an extra dimension to the experience. This means that it is an ambitious and challenging rehearsal period, it is. Crets took the try not to take any risk at the first repetitiedag, and invited everyone to have a good, hearty breakfast. That you quite rehearsed it. It was certainly a happy reunion in front of the press with the cast and, of course, was the “special guest,” Luc Caals will also be of the party. He is, after 13 years on the stage, together with a Dirk Van Vooren in for him. The public is clearly excited about it. The sales of the WINTERREVUE at this stage, it’s never as convenient as having been scored. At the present time, there are more than 7,000 tickets out of the door.