Jack Kazaltzis to sail across the Ocean

5cef54f3c37d1558d6a0e5a5e2205c44 - Jack Kazaltzis to sail across the Ocean

Next week, starting with the release of the previously announced and highly adventurous Woestijnvisprogramma out On the Ocean for FOUR. All the members of the crew established themselves in the most unpredictable journey of their lives. For more personal discoveries and insights, from the danger, and the allure of life on the seas, and the soul of the ocean

Here are the the adventurer:
Charlotte – by the C-of-Charlie – Vandermeersch (36)
Otto, Jan – O-Oscar – Ham (soon 40)
Dominique -on with the t-Delta – Persoone (51)
Final – J of the He – Kazaltzis of 40)
Evi – E, Echo – Hannsen (41)
Also, with the I for India, that of Courtois (31).

Drawn to the unknown, to throw it within a couple of days and cut loose in the area, they have to take it for an indefinite period of time leave of their close family and friends. From here, sail them up to 5,000 miles over the majestic Atlantic ocean in december, to a region in the Czech republic. When they leave, it is clear, in the time of their arrival, much less of it.