Exhibition of the art of The Home

4584adf2d0d89de20bed78c386f41f0c - Exhibition of the art of The Home

The ‘House’ to ‘Home’ and back again. After two seasons under the South African sun lands tv host, Eric Goens, again in Belgium. New location, same pattern: the reportagemaker enjoying famous faces for up to 24 hours out of their day to day routine. The result: a fair, a tv show each Tuesday, one in which you soul to lay bare. And that it is surrounded by beautiful works of art. The supplier of the works, The Boutique-Gallery, the gallery, the Ellen Christiaen, and her husband, William Vaesen. The two were looking at the question from the Eric Goens for the third season in a row, carefully, the images, pictures, and photos in both the South African-if a Belgian artist. From the 7th of november, in The The Boutique, Gallery, Sint-Martens-Latem, all of works of art from the past few seasons, Which is The Home to discover, during a survey of the work of the new section of their gallery opening.

The Boutique Gallery, with branches in Cape town, Sint-Martens-Latem – does this televisieseizoen of the arts ‘at Home’. As in the previous seasons of ‘House’, mostly South African artists discussed can be found in the latest edition of the programme also the Belgian artists. Among other things, the work of the sculptor, Veerle De Vos, Guy Du Toit, is now in the house.