André Hazes: “My life is a hell of a job changes’

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André Hazes: “My life is a hell of a job changes’

13th november, 2019 21:57
13-11-19 at 21:57
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The life of Andre Hazes, it is, according to the singer, a hell of a job changed after it was discovered that he was on a date with Bridget Maasland. In an interview with the News set, the lead singer of that one on the news is wrong information.

The cockpit is of the opinion that the media, the news is different than what it is in your own statement was. “If something is true, and it will be brought up like I was with my wife and my daughter have gone to another woman, and I understand that the whole of the Netherlands, you’re going to hate it. However, if that is not the case, and that is just about it, you said it, you would have to live for a week is really a hell of a job.”

“I went out yesterday to run errands, and I did my hood and not be able to do it,” says the Cockpit is about the storm of comments that came after it was revealed that he, Van Westenberg, with whom he had a son Dre has, it will no longer be together.