Alexandra Gadzina new voice in Arabic English

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Today’s launches new CHARITY with a new voice. Alexandra Gadzina (22 years old) from Kortenberg to put her first professional radiostappen in the FLEMISH youth radio station. Alexandra, it was this morning proposed to The Great Peter Van de Veire Ochtendshow and live, tonight, in her debut as MNM’s-the dj in the CHARITY’s Late Night. In the Flemish-Brabant-will be heard on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday from 22: 00 to midnight, during the CHARITY’s Late Night.

CHARITY provides young talent with opportunities. This proves that the sender, inter alia, with CHARITY, Rising Star, in Addition to the Player, and Urbanice Battle of the Talents. New presentatietalent will get a lot of opportunities to listen to the station. An annual tradition, is a CHARITY Student to a Late Night in the student project with young people from the six colleges to the radio on MNM. There are also CHARITY Talentendagen. Over there, the station previously set values, such as CHARITY, the dj’s, Laura, Govaerts, Pictures with The Backer, and Yoren Linsen. Also, Alexandra was discovered in the CHARITY Talentendagen.

The new voice of Alexandra Gadzina. Who is she?
age: 22 years old
from: Kortenberg