His wife Marianne will send the Farmer Seeks Wife in the war

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A prominent Farmer seeks Wife – Around The World on Monday evening, november 11, with lots of tears and an unexpected keuzemoment.
Marianne was in Finland as the sharp tension between Jim and Ryan, not because of the competition between them was to her. In order to return peace in the house, decided that Marianne has been a little bit earlier than expected, and one of them went home, and that was Ryan.

Marianne: “Yesterday was a very emotional day. The clash between Ryan and the Like, because they’re two completely different types of people. In the morning, it was me all too much, and the situation is just too hard for me, and I’m not very good at that. They’re both really nice guys, I can be both a good deal. I don’t have feelings, but I do know that Ryan is anything more than a friendship. With Jim it’s different. We are on the same wave-length, also in terms of the way we live. That said, I thought it best that I put the button all doorhakte, even though I was with Ryan most likely get hurt, and that’s something I don’t like it.”
Jim: “I hope so because I’m a viking I am with the peperkoeken the heart that Marianne was looking for”.

Bulgaria was, however, a remarkable keuzemoment on it, but that it was different than I expected. For the Victor, a choice he made, and gave Jilly that she is, Rani – who has feelings for Victor – it is better for him. That was also a Victor, because he is anyway going to be for Rani, to choose from.