Book fair ends with more sales

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The book is alive,” said Vé Bobelyn, is in charge of the book Fair. “In the short time we have here, along with the author’s in the visitor’s experience of the power and magic of books in a changing world. We have succeeded in our mission statement: the authors connect with their readers.”

For this year’s edition was a full range of visible procedures will be reflected in the plan. It was in a Kinderboekenzone set-up, in which the walls between the booths disappeared. And that was with the flow of traffic is improving. Here and there it was, the aisles are also wider, and with great success.

“The book Fair is a festival where authors and their public to get to know. In contrast, it is for our visitors and, more importantly, that it is a time to get to the person on the other side of the pen to get to know, then, how many they have available,” said Vé Bobelyn. “It’s all about the experience, and the large number of dedications and signatures, which have taken place show very clearly that the people of those times are still very important to do, what it sounds like.