Actress Paula Sleyp death

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This past weekend, actress Paula Sleyp death, we know her best from her role as a grandmother to all three of the storied set of “sesame street,” where they tend to be on the side of the snake in the paradise”, and He was to be seen.

Paul Sleyp it was in the 50’s, one of the founders of the company and the Mechels toy theatre. In her first major television role was that of a roddeltante Mark in the 60’s series, ‘Captain Zeppos’, that for a long time, the public service broadcaster was to be seen. Together with, among others, Paul Ricour played Seyp, in the 70’s and The ‘Buyers’. While Sleyp also played a rather strict aunt Jos in the series, ‘Wittekerke’. Currently, she is in fact in the repetition of this series on tv to be seen.

While Sleyp ended in 2010 with the act. Last weekend, died in the film after an illness, she was 88 years of age.