We Kharmach ready for eindejaarsconference

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Work At Kharmach make at the end of 2019 at the latest, his debut as a lecturer. After a successful tour, “The shame is over,” cast as the comedian this year will be light on all the actualiteitsrevue pass to make it to a show, and to labour in his conscious, critical view of society, but especially in side-splitting style.
With more than 40 events on the schedule was At everywhere in the contrast to see it. In Antwerp, one additional performance, on the 23rd of december. The premiere is on the 21st of december, at the house of Arenberg, in his home town of Antwerp in belgium.

Free. On december 6, CC Maasmechelen
Sat. December 21 (first performance) | Arenberg, Antwerp | the Latest tickets
So be it. The 22nd of december (EXTRA SHOWS) | the house of Arenberg, Antwerp | the Latest tickets
Ma. The 23rd of december (EXTRA SHOWS) | Arenberg, Antwerp, has Just been announced!
Free. 27 december | the cultural centre of Hasselt
More … January 7, C-Mine, Genk
Wed. 12 February | the Theatre of Kortrijk
More … February 18 | 30CC Schouwburg, Leuven | the Latest tickets
Do. The 27th of February, in Advance of Gent
Do. March 5, CC ‘t Schaliken Herentals, belgium | the Latest tickets

Would prefer to be closer to home? There is no problem with a show planned for the future. Halle, Deinze, Say, the city of Lokeren, Geraardsbergen, Beringen-City, central location, Situated in the town of Maaseik, and so much more!