Kinepolis opened in december, IMAX hall in Antwerp

690a939477e4417c7c2baf7b3a7e8301 - Kinepolis opened in december, IMAX hall in Antwerp

After the successful re-opening of the IMAX theatre in Brussels by the end of 2016, work with Kinepolis and IMAX Corporation, along with the opening of a new IMAX®-theatre in Kinepolis, Antwerp. The room, with 371 seats, will be equipped with IMAX® Laser, the groundbreaking 4K laser projection technology, film lovers with the most crisp, clear and vibrant image quality combined with an unmatched surround-sound experience that fully immerses into the action. With the opening of a new IMAX®-theatre is scheduled for december this year. “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker will be one of the first films that will be screened.

“A RELEASE is an exclusive cinematic experience which is highly valued by our customers. With this, the second RELEASE area we want to be more of a Belgian film, the chance of a film in the IMAX experience,” says Eddy Duquenne, CEO of Kinepolis Group. “IMAX theatre in Antwerp is in line with our strategy of providing customers with the option to provide different types of experiences, for example, even with a Laser, ULTRA and 4DX. We found that the level of customer satisfaction in those premium rooms, which are typically very high; the film is much more intense, and this is especially in the action-packed content, as a value-added experience.”