Julie Vermeire will win Dancing With The Stars.

365da01a5bbfb0eec999c4cb7ef2f0a9 - Julie Vermeire will win Dancing With The Stars.

As the band had predicted, Julie Vermeire Sunday night and the well deserved winner of the second edition of “Dancing With The Stars” won the game. During the program’s Final Kazaltzis, Kelly Pfaff and Julie Vermeire is a major performance drop. Several members of the jury took pleasure in the reading of the maximum score on top, and rightly so. Right at the start of this race was the level of some of the candidates will be very high.

The three finalists were each given two more times on the dance floor at one of the jury members and the viewers at home, they can be heard. Along with their dance partners, they gave the best of themselves, even if they were, the polls, all of the week’s unanimous: Julie Vermeire, would striking the votes of the viewers than the other two finalists. Jack Kazaltzis was eliminated from the competition, with the lifted head, just in front of the other two finalists perform their last dances opvoerden. Kelly in Our case, from the viewers for her passionate Argentine tango and the first episode is still running, everyone was open-mouthed, to watch the magnificent performance by Kelly and her partner Andrei. But Julie did it, along with I her freestyle, and scored good marks.