The PSV looks on in the second half to the second half against Willem II

c0600836f596b050ab5c4d38355c299a - The PSV looks on in the second half to the second half against Willem II

The PSV looks on in the second half to the second half against Willem II

10 november 2019 11:33
10-11-19 11:33
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In the Premier league are on Sunday, five matches are on the program. In this liveblog, you do not have to miss Ajax amsterdam-FC Utrecht (4-0), Willem II, PSV eindhoven, FC Twente and PEC Zwolle, the netherlands 14: 30 h), Wigan-manchester city (16.45) and (AZ-FC Emmen (20: 00).

Good morning, and welcome to our Premier-league-liveblog! My name is Rob Hirschmann, and I will keep you in the coming hours, informed of the latest developments in the games.

  • LIVE:
  • Willem II-PSV eindhoven 1-0
  • FC Twente-PEC 2-0
  • Results:
  • Ajax amsterdam-FC Utrecht 4-0
  • Program:
  • 16.45: we’re going to-after a very
  • 20.00: AZ – FC Emmen

A 2-minute geleden55′ MANU calls it. Dumfries is a teenlengte deficit to 1-to-1.3 hours agowe’re going to be without Karsdorp at his side
Rick Karsdorp is not fit enough and will play in the afternoon, not at his side. Leroy Fer is back in the selection after the suspension against the Young Boys.

Vermeer; Married, Senesi, Van der Heijden, Perhaps; Toornsrta, Kökcü, Fer; mountain house, a real oasis, Sinisterra.

Preparing The Team! 🔴⚪️⚫️


AuteurFeyenoord RotterdamMoment of plaatsen15:38 pm – november 10, 201911-minute geleden46 ” We are starting again. You can PSV eindhoven, the damage is repaired in the second half?A 20-minute geledenDe Feyenoord come in to the stadium. For 16.45 start of the game against his side.

Welcome, boys! 🙋♂️


AuteurFeyenoord RotterdamMoment of plaatsen15:16 – november 10, 201926 minutes agoto Rest. MANU should be in the second half of the bowl in order to add new evils to be avoided: 1-027 hours ago

With a worried look to Mark van Bommel, who sees that his team is struggling Willem II. The PSV is 1-0 behind.The 29-minute geleden43′, Meanwhile, is a Köhlert on the floor, because he’s got a rock-hard ball of Dumfries, against his face, got it. He has to take the field.31 minutes geleden42′ What a great opportunity for Nunnely! He is free to Unnerstall, who, with his leg wound.The 32-minute geleden40′ Very point: Coopers stands in the way of an attack from the BACKLINE. He will give you a scheidsrechtersbal.The 34-minute geleden38′ Bar! Too bad for PSV eindhoven. Gakpo crack of the ball against the crossbar! Wellenreuther was to stand a chance stand a chance, but it may be so lucky.35 minutes ago

Labyad enjoy the first game of this season for Ajax
Zakaria Labyad was a surprise to me that he was on Sunday was in the Box. The attacker had been on Sunday, with an assist is a contribution to a convincing 4-0-thuiszege at FC Utrecht, where he enjoyed the play of his teammates. “To be honest, I was surprised to see that I was”, said Labyad at FOX Sports. “On the other hand, I’m not surprised at this, because I’ve been in the last time steps. Both in the field as well as in person. I am working hard to continue to work out and for myself to continue to believe in it. This has now paid off.”
The 37-minute geleden35, ” The first great chance for PSV! Bruma gets the ball from Schwaab, but you can’t print it.A 40-minute geleden33′ Michal Sadílek (PSV) is going to be down in the penalty area, but Bjorn Kuipers is out for a free kick.The 41-minute geleden31 Still a quarter of an hour to play in the first half. MANU makes it not the best idea. The team has, as yet, no-this opportunity has been created.The 43-minute geleden30′ A yellow card for Heerkens (Willem II), which will be the tackle-to-let hour ago

The main character in The Che Nunnely. Here, he celebrates the 1-0, but later misses a great chance at hour ago –25′ GOAL for FC Twente. 2-0

What is a mistake in the back for PEC Zwolle. Latibeaudiere is the headline from a corner. The goalkeeper Mous had to be there to grab it.the one-hour geleden22′ Nunnely, with its 2-0 in the shoe! No problem, the counter will get to the attacker, it’s the chance at 2-0, but he has to shoot in front of. There decision very, very, very good!the one-hour geleden19′ BACKLINE, and after the 1-0 for the initiative, but to the actual chances of results still to come. The Locals are in the front very much at all!the one-hour geledenHet general public should today, the images of VAR.

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AuteurWillem IIMoment of plaatsen14:46 pm – november 10, 2019één hours ago –15′ GOAL for FC Twente. 1-0

Haris Vuckic scores on it’s way! He gets a great long ball from Joel Latibeaudiere. The rush of ramming the ball through the bottom of the raises the bar in.the one-hour geleden12, ” We still have a long long way, however, in march 2018 and have won the Willem II with a whopping 5-0 to PSV. However, the Locals have once again not be easy in the hour ago,it’s 7 GOAL for Willem II!!! 1-0

There is the first touch up for the PSV! Nelom send Köhlert off to the side, which, in turn, Nunnely is. He shoots from close in.the one-hour geleden2′ BACKLINE, with the first one. Doan and blasts the ball in front of.the one-hour geleden1 After a moment of silence for the death of former soccer player and coach Hans Verèl, we started to work on the hour ago

The keeperswissel in an image captured: Lars Unnerstall (to the left), will replace Jeroen Zoet (on the right).the one-hour geledenAjax played in the afternoon, but less than 805 times the ball goes over. This is the highest number since december of 2004.

805 – @AFCAjax attempted, 805 passes) v FC Utrecht, and the most for any team in an upcoming Premier league game since Feb 2014. Outplayed.


AuteurOptaJohanMoment of plaatsen14:21 – november 10, 2019één hours geledenAjax is the first club in each calendar year, with no less than nineteen races at least four goals scored.

19 – @AFCAjax are the first team with 4+ goals in 19 Premier league games in a single calendar year. Entertainment.


AuteurOptaJohanMoment of plaatsen14:09 pm – november 10, 2019één hours ago

Van Bommel: “We’ve Unnerstall as far as the first keeper
PSV-year-old Mark van Bommel puts in to Fox Sports that he is today, Lars Unnerstall to choose. “We have a Unnerstall was attracted by the world of science Jeroen (sweet, ed.). the road could go on. We have, therefore, taken as the first keeper. Here it is, with a risk of injury had been received, so it is the start of a change. Robbin Ruiter has been taken as a reservekeeper. Hieronymus, or A one. Larry, it has just been done, and he has a lot of mistakes.”one hour ago, theVan Bommel:” We’ve Unnerstall as far as the first keeper
PSV-year-old Mark van Bommel puts in to Fox Sports that he is today, Lars Unnerstall to choose. “We have a Unnerstall was attracted by the world of science Jeroen (sweet, ed.). the road could go on. We have removed the first goalie. Here it is, with a risk of injury had been received, so it is the start of a change. Robbin Ruiter has been taken as a reservekeeper. Hieronymus, or A one. Larry, it has just been done, and he has a lot of mistakes.”2 hours ago

Ajax does not have a child at FC Utrecht
Ajax is not too much trouble, beating FC Utrecht 4-0 (3-0). The Locals are aggressive, and they did, through the valley to (2), and Tadic, quickly business. After the rest, did Lisandro Martinez still has a role to play in the pocket. Ajax is now nine points ahead of the number two, AZ, that afternoon, was still in action against FC Emmen.A 2-hour geleden90+2′ will be over! Ajax to win and with a 4-0 lead.A 2-hour geleden90 ” There will be two minutes of stoppage time at the.A 2-hour geleden89′ It was Ziyech’s 5-0 to make it. He was given the space to get out of it, but they won’t get the ball over.A 2-hour geleden83, ” The transition from FC Utrecht. Gyrano the Church will be changed for the Václav Černý, who, last summer, what happened to Ajax.2 hours ago,The lineups FC Twente-PEC Zwolle:

FC Twente: Brondeel; Latibeaudiere, pep guardiola, Grant, Verdonk; Selahi, Roemeratoe, Espinosa; Aitor, Vuckic, Espinosa.

PEC Zwolle are: Mous; Van Wermeskerken, Lachman, a sheep, Post; the Hammer, the Netherlands, Saymak, Nakayama, From Crooij, Ghoochannejhad.

🔴 The names this afternoon!
#fctwente #twepec


AuteurFC TwenteMoment of plaatsen13:28 – november 10, 20192 pm geleden77, ” The power of Ajax is in the numbers:

Ajax: of 19 shots, 13 on target, 4 goals
FC-new york: 2 shots, 1 on target, 0 doelpunten2 hours geleden75′ Zakaria Labyad is going to be there for Noah a Long time. The first game for Ajax this season, is on for Labyad, who has a good impression.A 2-hour geleden73′ GIovanni Troupée will be in the field for FC Utrecht, the netherlands. He’s going to be in for Adam Maher.2 hours ago

With the 4-0 lead from Lisandro Martinez is in the fifth Argentinian Ajax’s goal of the season. Tagliafico has made it to three, Who made just his second.A 2-hour geleden69, ” A sparkling round of applause for Dusan Tadic, who is in the field of Klaas-Jan Huntelaar.2 hours ago,66′ GOAL, and Ajax. 4-0

Out of the corner, it is touch to Lisandro Martinez. Then he’s in. This time, martin Paes won’t stand a chance.A 2-hour geleden65′ is A great opportunity for Lisandro Martinez! He is well cleared by Tadic, but Paes saves the day once again.A 2-hour geleden62′ Nicolás Tagliafico is in close proximity to a 4-0 lead, but his header from close is stopped by the Paes.2 hours ago

And there it is, the placement of the pitch, with Lars Unnerstall and so on purpose:

Unnerstall; Dumfries, Schwaab, Viergever, Sadilek; Rosario Guti; Doan, Ihattaren, Gakpo; Bruma.A 2-hour geledenOud referee Mario van der Ende, it is particularly critical at-risk (VAR). He reacts to the 2-0 by Ajax, in which a batch of Daley Blind to before.

The current value-at-risk project is doomed to fail, because the VALUE of s for this season has been entrusted to the arbitration decisions, as much as possible, and to support, instead of an error to be corrected. Last season, the 2-0 is certainly frowned upon because of prior violations was made. #ajautr


AuteurMario of of EndeMoment of plaatsen12:52 – november 10, 20192 pm geleden59′ Maarten Paes watching FC Utrecht is a big difference. This time, he responds well to a shot distance from Hakim Ziyech.A 2-hour geleden57 Box with a couple of opportunities, but the reticle is not in sharp focus. FC Utrecht could not do more to stop it.A 2-hour geleden55′ Noussair Mazraoui are going to get to the end. For him, it is Sergiño Dest field.Back to top

Image: A Pro-Shots


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