Simply decide on the fate of Olga Leyers

07d66b6697c38c65f900b0d8bbab0f34 - Simply decide on the fate of Olga Leyers launched on Thursday its first interactive story, you do it all for you. In this video, you will see Olga Leyers are in for a real nightmare when the research is done in the archives of a library in order to work in a new role. You can help her to escape at different key moments in a certain direction.

A few fun facts:
• * * The video is a complete point-of-view has been filmed to make it look like you are actually Each have
• There were 40 scenes can be rotated which makes the story depending on the choices you make are very, very different process than that of any other player
• * * The story contains 11 different endings
• Were there for 2.5 days and need to make an interactive video shoot
• There are two different locations to be filmed: the Library of The House, in Ghent, and at the Hotel Metropole in Brussels
• To act in the video): Sieber Marly, (How Shall I put It? Studio, Tarara, Geub, etc.) and Alycia Metdepenningen with Family and friends, look at Me Please!)
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