Reactions after the victory of Liverpool in the City (closed)

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Reactions after the victory of Liverpool in the City (closed)

10 november, 2019 17:20
10-11-19 17:20
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Liverpool and Manchester City, will play Sunday from 17: 30 to the top of the Premier League. The ‘Reds’, who are at the top, six points ahead of the reigning champion. Follow the game at Anfield in this liveblog.

  • The Premier League
  • Result: Liverpool-Manchester City (3-1)

Liverpool-Manchester City · 16 hours ago

The Liverpool shares to tap into top
The final whistle sounds at Anfield. Liverpool is sharing with a slap on Manchester City in the top with a 3-1 win. Fabinho, Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mané, scoring, on behalf of ‘The Reds’, and Bernardo Silva to create the only goal for the visitors. The victory strengthened Liverpool’s position is the lead over City, which is the fourth, now nine points. Number two, Leicester City and the Chelsea are both eight points behind.Liverpool-Manchester City · 22 minutes geleden89 Still a couple of minutes to go at Anfield and three points seem to be for Liverpool, and that’s with a 3-1 lead. Or the City is in the final stage, twice for a score?Liverpool-Manchester City · 26 minutes geleden84′ In the City screaming for a penalty when Trent Alexander-Arnold (hands in the zestienmetergebied, but referee Michael Oliver waves it away.Liverpool-Manchester City · 32 minutes ago78′ GOAL Manchester City!!! 3-1

Bernardo Silva to reduce the deficit in the slotkwartier. The Brazilian to slide the ball into the bottom right corner following a cross from the left side of the Angeliño that everyone and everything is missed.Liverpool-Manchester City · 34 minutes geledenHet’s been a while since Manchester City in the Premier League, against a deficit of three goals in a match and looked at.

3 – Manchester City are three goals behind in a champions League game for the first time since January of 2018, which was also at Anfield against Liverpool. Repeat. #LIVMCI


AuteurOptaJoeMoment of plaatsen18:47 – 10 november 2019Liverpool-Manchester City · 41 minutes ago

70′ twenty minutes to go at Anfield and Liverpool are leading 3-0. After the third hit in the second half and things calm down a bit, and are looking for City to score a goal, however, the visitors are hardly any big chances anymore.Liverpool-Manchester City · 44-minute geleden66′ Liverpool escaped a penalty against them. Raheem Sterling will get a push in the right direction, and it goes to the ground, but referee Michael Oliver puts the ball on the eleven-meter.The Liverpool-Manchester-City-four-hour geleden54 the City and he just can’t get through with the 3-0 because of the visitors head straight in search of a goal, and using Raheem Sterling in there. The screen shot of the way through a defender and from Liverpool is just about it.Liverpool, Manchester City, one hour ago, the51′ GOAL to Liverpool. 3-0

There is a number of three to The Reds’. Sadio Mané to dive for a ball by Jordan Henderson, and the selling out of close to year round. Goalkeeper Claudio Bravo is still there, but it can be tegendoelpunt non-existent.The Liverpool-Manchester-City-four-hour geleden46 ” We are going to continue at Anfield. Can Manchester City in the second half of terugknokken or to retain Liverpool’s commanding lead?The Liverpool-Manchester-City-four-hour geledenMohamed Salah can be impressive-the statistics are required.

52 – Mohamed Salah has been directly involved in 52 goals in just 44 Premier League appearances at Anfield for Liverpool (38 goals, 14 assists). Phenomenal. #LIVMCI


AuteurOptaJoeMoment of plaatsen17:56 am – november 10, 2019Liverpool-Manchester-City-four-hours-ago

Quiet at Anfield, where Liverpool with a 2-0 lead against Manchester City. Fabinho, open from early in the score, and then Mohamed Salah a few minutes later the margin doubled. The City of fog and then a few of the opportunities in the aansluitingstreffer and Liverpool, and has been for a number of times, close to a third goal.The Liverpool-Manchester-City-four-hour geleden45+1′ my god! There was almost 3-0 to Liverpool. Mohamed Salah fires the ball in from a metre or two at goal, but Claudio Bravo does a great salvation to the house.Liverpool-Manchester City · 2-hour geleden38′ Roberto Firmino puts Liverpool were 3-0 for them. The Former is given in the zestienmetergebied the chance to get out of it, but he will stumble and his shot is in the hands of Claudio Bravo.Liverpool-Manchester City · 2-hour geledenOordeel yourself: is Mohamed Salah offside in the 2-0?

It Was Mohamed Salah offside? 🚩


AuteurGoalMoment of plaatsen17:54 pm – november 10, 2019Liverpool-Manchester City · 2-hour geleden30 Half-hour was played at Anfield, Liverpool a comfortable 2-0 lead eventually to deal with. The City is, however, twice, is close to the aansluitingstreffer. The first rescue of Allison, on a bet from Sergio Agüero and a few minutes later is an attempt to Angeliño just next to it.Liverpool-Manchester City · 2-hour geledenDe pictures of the beautiful goal from Fabinho.

Fabulous goal by Fabinho!!🔥❤️
Liverpool 1 – 0 ManCity #LIVMCI #PremierLeague


AuteurSportCentreMoment of plaatsen17:57 am – november 10, 2019Liverpool-Manchester City · 2-hour geledenEen a promising statistic for the club. The team has lost in the last 232 matches played not with a gap of at least two of the goals.

232 Liverpool have never previously lost any of the 232 @premierleague matches at Anfield, when they have the lead by 2+ goals in a match, drawing five and winning 227 of those matches. Dusted? #LIVMCI


AuteurOptaJoeMoment of plaatsen17:50 pm – november 10, 2019Liverpool-Manchester City · 2 hours ago there isa 13′ GOAL to Liverpool. 2-0

It’s going to be hard to Anfield, because that’s where the second goal though. Mohamed Salah is the headline to touch off a measured cross from the left by Andy Robertson. Just before that will, on the other hand, in a rotating free-kick from Kevin De Bruyne yet everyone missed it.Liverpool-Manchester City · 2-hour geleden9′ my god! The City is soon to close in the second half with a header from Raheem Sterling, but the use of the way is just next to it.Liverpool-Manchester City · 2 hours ago there isa 6′ GOAL to Liverpool. 1-0

Fabinho opens with a beautiful shot distance early in the film, the ‘Reds’. The defense of the City, the City is working with the ball is not in a safe place, and then to the Former all of the space in order to pick up the ball from about 25 metres away nicely into the bottom left hand corner up. Value at risk looks to the hands of Trent Alexander-Arnold, but the audience will ultimately be approved.Liverpool-Manchester City · 2-hour geledenLiverpool lost only one of his last fifty matches played, and just that one defeat was counted at Manchester City. In January, winners of the ‘Citizens’ with the 2-1.

1 – Liverpool have only lost one of their last 50 Premier League games (W41 D8 L1), with that loss coming against Man City in January. Man City, however, have won 11 of their last 12 Premier League away games, losing only against Norwich in that run. Commencement. #LIVMCI


AuteurOptaJoeMoment of plaatsen17:25 – november 10, 2019Liverpool-Manchester City · 2-hour geleden1′ get The ball rolling at Anfield. Can Liverpool took the lead to consolidate or reduce Manchester City to reduce the backlog?Liverpool-Manchester City · 2 hours ago

Liverpool are suffering this season and only once-a loss of points in the Premier League. The team of coach Jürgen Klopp played for a couple of weeks ago with a 1-1 draw at Manchester United. On the other hand, showed at Manchester City, three times the points. The reigning champion crashed at Wolverhampton Wanderers (aged 0-2) and Norwich City (3-2) and played in the team’s one-time right.Liverpool-Manchester City · 2-hour geledenNog a quarter of an hour until kick-off at Anfield. The players are doing the warm-up.

A Cold day at Anfield…
…time to get hot!!! 👊


AuteurLiverpool FCMoment of plaatsen17:15 – november 10, 2019Liverpool-Manchester City · 2 hours ago

This is the second time this season, leading Liverpool’s current number four, and Manchester City facing each other. In August, competed with two English clubs for the Community Shield, and that the duel was a penalty won by City. Georginio Wijnaldum lacked was the only one from the eleven metres, in the penalty shoot-out.Liverpool-Manchester City · 3 hours ago

The Premier League is at 17: 30 for the cracker between Liverpool and Manchester City from the start. The Reds have Virgil van Dijk, and Georginio Wijnaldum are both of a basic.

Liverpool: Alisson, Alexander-Arnold, Lovren, Van Dijk, Robertson; Fabinho, Wijnaldum, Henderson; Mané, Salah, Firmino
Manchester City,well Done; Walker, rolling Stones, Fernandinho, Angeliño; Man, Gundogan, De Bruyne; Bernardo Silva, Sterling, Agüerois Back up

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