Philippe Geubels out to Xander De Rycke

Philippe Geubels out to Xander De Rycke

Comedian Alex Agnew scored with his weekly podcast, “Welcome to AA”. No, that has nothing to do with the drinking problems to do, on the contrary. Alex Agnew who had been in the episode 86, a colleague of Philippe Geubels as a guest, and managed to get it perfectly in just under 3.5 hours with the comedian to talk about. Geubels, it is not always the most talkative person ever, but if the comedian is comfortable with the interviewer, and then the tongues of all loosen up, and the answers are longer than just ‘yes’, ‘no’ and ‘maybe’.

During the podcast was the relationship between Philippe Geubels, Alex Agnew pointed out, these two fish in the same small pond, but do not feel like competitors. “I don’t think that we have to each other out of the way, and even if it did, it would have been, for me, it’s really no contest. I just want to be close to my heart able to do it,” says Geubels from the shore. “I’m just happy if I can do it, I want to be for the benefit of all. You will notice that it is also in the audience. There will be after people get to me that I hope to score a point by saying that she does not get along very well. And I will say that I do like, and they may want to live, you have to come and watch,” laughs Geubels.

Philippe Geubels was at the start of his career, and that he was warmly received. “When I was in the beginning, I was actually hugged. This is a bit vague overall, but He, Williams, was Wouter Deprez Wim Helsen, is that the people that I know. Thomas Smith, Bert Gabriëls, were already working on it. You were not hostile, when I came to it, far from it. I got the tips I got helped by anyone. Today is the day, by the way, always have. I had a good match, Bart Cannaerts, and Sven Eeckman, which are the people with whom I have so much to thank you. “

And yet, it was the debut of Philippe Geubels, not everyone in applause. “I think I’m more of a headwind was that of the people of my own generation, that is when it started. I felt like there was more hostility than yours. Out of the top could be the fact that it is a lot of fun was what I was doing, until it is successful, and then, suddenly, the commercial brol.”