Notes on the new zeperd PSV to Willem II

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Notes on the new zeperd PSV to Willem II

10 november 2019 11:33
10-11-19 11:33
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In the Premier league are on Sunday, five matches are on the program. In this liveblog, you do not have to miss Ajax amsterdam-FC Utrecht (4-0), Willem II-PSV (2-1), FC Twente-PEC Zwolle (2-1), Liverpool-stoke city (16.45) and (AZ-FC Emmen (20: 00).

Good morning, and welcome to our Premier-league-liveblog! My name is Rob Hirschmann, and I will keep you in the coming hours, informed of the latest developments in the games.

  • Results:
  • Willem II-PSV 2-1
  • Ajax amsterdam-FC Utrecht 4-0
  • FC Twente-PEC 2-1
  • Program:
  • 16.45: we’re going to-after a very
  • 20.00: AZ – FC Emmen

a couple of hours ago

The latest gains for his side of the Cockpit was twenty years ago
For manchester united, the Cockpit is almost an impregnable fortress. The one and only time that the Waalwijkers having won in Rotterdam, it was way back in 1999. In those days it was 1-2. Since then, the Team is eleven games against his side played, and lost, in the End, no one is. For the last time in the second half and the points lost against his side was in 2012 when the match ended in a 1-1-draw.An 8-minute geledenPSV now, in the first thirteen matches of this Premier league season three times and lost, twice as much as in the whole of last season in the Premier league.10 hours ago

Rosario will find that the PSV is too little gained
RANGE, there of the Rosary is that the PSV on the basis of the spelbeeld more money. In the tegengoal, we were given the check, will give us the opportunity. If you are in the spelbeeld look at it, I think that we have far too few have been given,” he said to Fox Sports. It was a second chance, and that was a goal. Then you get into the second half with a tap in the 2-0. The aansluitingstreffer was too late. The willingness was there but the results are not on our side.”The 13-minute geledenDe of the players of manchester united take to the pitch in the Bowl.

👏 Time to 🔥-up.


AuteurRKC WaalwijkMoment of plaatsen16:11 – november 10, 201915-minute geledenDe Feyenoord have to make sense in the game against west ham.

Matchday mood. 😁


AuteurFeyenoord RotterdamMoment of plaatsen16:17 – november 10, 201915-minute geledenDe players in PSV’s run to the far end of the stadium to the fans to thank for it, but will be treated to a flute concerto, and bad words.18 hours ago

A new shadow to the PSV after defeat at Willem II
Wilhelm II pushes the BACKLINE deeper and deeper into the sporting crisis. The people of tilburg and win on their own field with a 2-1 thanks to two goals from Che Nunnely. Gastón Pereiro in the final stage, still be a little bit back, but that’s not good enough. PSV eindhoven have now been a gap of eleven points to the leader, Ajax.An 18-minute geleden90+3′ Mitroglu still have the chance to play it. Dumfries and blasts the ball in, but the Greek does not have the ball.19 hours ago

Twente to win a little of THE
FC Twente and lost to have never had a thuisduel of PEC Zwolle, and go to the Zwolle without the points to go home. Twente will win with 2-1, thanks to goals from Haris Vuckic and have a Good Latibeaudiere. Reza Ghoochannejhad gives us something in return for the away team, but the victory of the netherlands is no longer at risk.A 20-minute geleden90+2′ it may be the last chance to win a point for PSV. Pereiro, with a volley, but Wellenreuther, who saves easily.The 22-minute geleden90 ” There will be four minutes of extra time with it. Does the PSV is still the same?27 minutes ago in85′ GOAL in PSV’s! 2-1

Pereiro will be a wonderful goal for the aansluitingstreffer. The power is back in Tilburg!The 28-minute geleden84′ Is a great chance for WIllem II to 3-0. Unnerstall’m betting on Köhlert, and the rebound goes in.31 minutes geleden82 ” Here it is, almost, the decision of the match. A free-kick from Aitor will fly in the direction of the road, but Mous is ticking and the ball is just in the way.The 34-minute geledenReza Ghoochannejhad makes it his sixth goal in eight Premier-league-matches for PEC Zwolle. The only PEC Zwolle player who has often scored in his first eight matches for Zwolle, as it was Foeke Booy (seven goals in eight matches).34 minutes by geleden78 is Almost the match for PSV! Pereiro tries to close, but Wellenreuther is active. At the next corner, trying to Ihattaren it a shot, but once again, saves the day Wellenreuther.A 38-minute geleden74′ Pavlidis, with a chance at 3-0. He shoots from the edge of sixteen on.40 minutes ago

Che Nunnely has scored yet this season, but PSV have two. In the first half, he was even a real-life opportunity to be the one to make it.The 42-minute geleden70′ BACKLINE for the first time in the months of april-may, 2013-four matches in a row, two of the goals against.The 44-minute geledenJeroen Sweet, it has no meaning in the second half, or so it seems.

Notable: passed by Jeroen Zoet’s been down since the beginning of the 2nd half, the team bus.. #WilPSV @PSV and @FOXSportsnl


AuteurToine v PeperstratenMoment of plaatsen15:52 – november 10, 2019één hours geleden67′ frustration was visible on the pitch, which is two times the yellow at the hour ago

Nunnely had not scored for Willem II, but believes he’s now in the candy store with the Sadilek is a direct opponent. One of the top clubs are unworthy to be with him, to play with as the full. #wilpsv


AuteurJeroen BijmaMoment of plaatsen15:54 pm – november 10, 2019één hours ago,64′ GOAL for Willem II!!! 2-0

Che Nunnely’s doing it now, however! He gets on the ball with Köhlert, which is hard to touch up.the one-hour geledenNa the Team is now for his side, with the set-up:

⚡ 1⃣1⃣
💯 This is the basis for the uitduel at the Club!
💛💙 We Are Together!


AuteurRKC WaalwijkMoment of plaatsen15:45 pm – november 10, 2019één hours ago,61′, GOAL Academy! 2-1
Ghoochannejhad brings the excitement back in the netherlands. He’s in a corner of That Hammer-in.the one-hour geleden58 Willem II, for the first time in the second half, but there is no risk for Unnerstall. PSV are in control, but it is so, however, with the 1-0 keys are left behind.the one-hour geleden55′ MANU calls it. Dumfries is a teenlengte deficit to hour ago,we’re going to be without Karsdorp at his side
Rick Karsdorp is not fit enough and will play in the afternoon, not at his side. Leroy Fer is back in the selection after the suspension against the Young Boys.

Vermeer; Married, Senesi, Van der Heijden, Perhaps; Toornsrta, Kökcü, Fer; mountain house, a real oasis, Sinisterra.

Preparing The Team! 🔴⚪️⚫️


AuteurFeyenoord RotterdamMoment of plaatsen15:38 pm – november 10, 2019één hours geleden46 ” We are starting again. You can PSV eindhoven, the damage is repaired in the second half?the one-hour geledenDe Feyenoord come in to the stadium. For 16.45 start of the game against his side.

Welcome, boys! 🙋♂️


AuteurFeyenoord RotterdamMoment of plaatsen15:16 – november 10, 2019één an hour agoto Rest. MANU should be in the second half of the bowl in order to add new evils to be avoided are: 1-0één hours ago

With a worried look to Mark van Bommel, who sees that his team is struggling Willem II. The PSV is 1-0 behind.the one-hour geleden43′, Meanwhile, is a Köhlert on the floor, because he’s got a rock-hard ball of Dumfries, against his face, got it. He has to take the field.the one-hour geleden42′ What a great opportunity for Nunnely! He is free to Unnerstall, who, with his leg wound.the one-hour geleden40′ Very point: Coopers stands in the way of an attack from the BACKLINE. He will give you a scheidsrechtersbal.the one-hour geleden38′ Bar! Too bad for PSV eindhoven. Gakpo crack of the ball against the crossbar! Wellenreuther was to stand a chance stand a chance, but it may be so lucky.2 hours ago

Labyad enjoy the first game of this season for Ajax
Zakaria Labyad was a surprise to me that he was on Sunday was in the Box. The attacker had been on Sunday, with an assist is a contribution to a convincing 4-0-thuiszege at FC Utrecht, where he enjoyed the play of his teammates. “To be honest, I was surprised to see that I was”, said Labyad at FOX Sports. “On the other hand, I’m not surprised at this, because I’ve been in the last time steps. Both in the field as well as in person. I am working hard to continue to work out and for myself to continue to believe in it. This has now paid off.”
A 2-hour geleden35, ” The first great chance for PSV! Bruma gets the ball from Schwaab, but you can’t print it.A 2-hour geleden33′ Michal Sadílek (PSV) is going to be down in the penalty area, but Bjorn Kuipers is out for a free kick.A 2-hour geleden31 Still a quarter of an hour to play in the first half. MANU makes it not the best idea. The team has, as yet, no-this opportunity has been created.A 2-hour geleden30′ A yellow card for Heerkens (Willem II), which will be the tackle-to-let bet.2 hours ago

The main character in The Che Nunnely. Here, he celebrates the 1-0, but later misses a great chance at 2-0.2 hours ago –25′ GOAL for FC Twente. 2-0

What is a mistake in the back for PEC Zwolle. Latibeaudiere is the headline from a corner. The goalkeeper Mous had to be there to grab it.A 2-hour geleden22′ Nunnely, with its 2-0 in the shoe! No problem, the counter will get to the attacker, it’s the chance at 2-0, but he has to shoot in front of. There decision very, very, very good!A 2-hour geleden19′ BACKLINE, and after the 1-0 for the initiative, but to the actual chances of results still to come. The Locals are in the front very much at all!A 2-hour geledenHet general public should today, the images of VAR.

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AuteurWillem IIMoment of plaatsen14:46 pm – november 10, 20192 hours ago –15′ GOAL for FC Twente. 1-0

Haris Vuckic scores on it’s way! He gets a great long ball from Joel Latibeaudiere. The rush of ramming the ball through the bottom of the raises the bar in.A 2-hour geleden12, ” We still have a long long way, however, in march 2018 and have won the Willem II with a whopping 5-0 to PSV. However, the Locals have once again not be easy in the Netherlands.2 hours ago a7 ” and a GOAL for Willem II!!! 1-0

There is the first touch up for the PSV! Nelom send Köhlert off to the side, which, in turn, Nunnely is. He shoots from close in.Back to top

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