Jef Neve trio gets into politics, after a decision by Jan Ham

3b89db4cc9bf1bcd13cacd3ff61f32b1 - Jef Neve trio gets into politics, after a decision by Jan Ham

The musician Jef Neve, is worried about the fact that the commission no less than 60% should go to savings. Jan Jambon does not seem to be very popular with one of its most recent rulings, especially in the Jef Neve trio, and a lot of other art lovers. “We have to be in accordance with Ham and a 60% saving on project funding in the cultural policy. This is a 5 million euro”, says Jef Neve trio. The winner, however, goes immediately to a solution, in the hope that the women and men politicians can be found. “I think we have all of our politicians, from the following list to ask them if they have a picture of their uittredingsvergoeding want to give up. So, these young artists are still working at the Bruegel’s, and Cd Thielemansen of our time.”

In accordance with Jef Neve, the women and the men, politicians are entitled to more than 22 million uittredingsvergoeding. It’s going to be the politicians who are voted out of office are the. Offering a clear view of far people. “The big hope at the taking of their oath, and have never, ever, ever, never, their mouths opened !! And all of that is due to all of the other Belgians will have to pay. On Facebook features, Offering the top of the list of politicians and their respective uittredingsvergoeding will be published.