Comments after the narrow victory of the Team is on his side

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Comments after the narrow victory of the Team is on his side

10 november 2019 11:33
10-11-19 11:33
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In the Premier league are on Sunday, five matches are on the program. In this liveblog, you do not have to miss Ajax amsterdam-FC Utrecht (4-0), Willem II-PSV (2-1), FC Twente-PEC Zwolle (2-1), Liverpool-stoke city (3-2) and (AZ-FC Emmen (20: 00).

Good morning, and welcome to our Premier-league-liveblog! My name is Rob Hirschmann, and I will keep you in the coming hours, informed of the latest developments in the games.

  • Results:
  • Willem II-PSV 2-1
  • Ajax amsterdam-FC Utrecht 4-0
  • FC Twente-PEC 2-1
  • The club-his side 3-2 up
  • Program:
  • 20.00: AZ – FC Emmen

E-Emmen · 3 hours ago

A-Z begins to be unchanged in the game against FC Emmen.

Lineup a-Z: Bizot; Svensson, Hatzidiakos, Wuytens, Wijndal; Midstsjo, White, Koopmeiners; Stengs, still doing it, IdrissiFeyenoord-manchester city · 16 hours ago

Senesi, selling the Team on to victory
Marcos Senesi brings the Team close to the victory against the hekkensluiter manchester united. After a 2-2-idle hunting Season long on the planet. Among others, Steven Berghuis gets in a few not-to-missed opportunities, but in the end, it was the Former Senesi, which, in the End, the victory does it.Everton-swansea city · 18 minutes geleden90+3 Again, mist, mountain house is a great opportunity. For an empty goal to shoot for the Team leader to set the standard.Everton-swansea city · 24-geleden88′ for his side the final minutes with ten men. Stijn Spierings gets a second yellow card for protesting, and is red to leave the field.Everton-swansea city · 27 minutes ago, toan 85′ GOAL in the Club! 3-2

After a myriad of opportunities for the Husband Senesi, who is the Team in the lead is the headline from a free-kick from mountain house.Feyenoord-RKC Waalwijk · 28 minutes geleden84′ for his side and defend it with might and main. We’re going to insist, but it is not on the wall of his side-men to go.Everton-swansea city · 33 minutes and geleden78′ Kökcü surprised Rienstra on the emergency brake pedal, and the Feyenoorder cheating scandal. A free-kick to Everton in a dangerous position, but for the umpteenth time today, saves the day Vaessen.Everton-swansea city · 36 minutes ago

The efforts of Steven Berghuis, who ends up on top of the pillar. In spite of the many opportunities ahead for the Team is the same as at hekkensluiter his side.Liverpool-manchester city · 39 minutes geleden73′ Sales will be an exchange of views. For him, it is Kevin Followed in the field.Everton-swansea city · 41 minutes and geleden70′ for his side does not have to be used. We’re going to put the visitors under pressure, but the momentum is still not to turn it into a competitive advantage. A shot from Jørgensen, is narrowly saved by Vaessen, and a hard shot by Toornstra is right next to the target.Feyenoord-RKC Waalwijk (nl) · 44 minutes of geleden67′ Recommendation, and Bakari to come in hard, with their heads against each other. Both of his side-men to stay on the grass and have a need to be cared for.Everton-swansea city · one hour to geleden65′ Fred, the Game is going to change. Anas Tahiri is in the field, the author of the openingsdoelpunt Darren Maatsen.Everton-swansea city · one hour ago

Steven Berghuis is missing two huge opportunities we’re going to start to shoot. After more than an hour of game play is the same as (2-2).Everton-swansea city · one hour to geleden59′ Again, it’s a mountain house with a large chance, but this time it ends with his commitment to the post.Everton-swansea city · one hour to geleden58′ mountain house has the 3-2 on the shoe, but the check is missing. Bet it goes high over the target Vaessen.Everton-swansea city · one hour to geleden56 Also manchester city on the hunt for his third goal. Maatsen puts the ball wide, but the ball is just intercepted before Sales reach.Everton-swansea city · one hour to geleden52 ” Daan Rienstra, keeps his side up for a season. The leader of the Waalwijkers and blasts the ball in from the goal line.Everton-swansea city · one hour to geleden50′ my god! There it is, we’re going to be close to the edge. The commitment of the Kökcü is to be turned in by Vaessen and rebound damping, can also be is a real oasis on the ball between the posts to get it.Everton-swansea city · one hour to geleden46′ we’re going to go immediately in pursuit of the third goal. Kökcü takes an effort from distance, but his shot comes along.Everton-swansea city · one hour to geleden46′ in The second half, and it’s on its way. A lawyer has to be in the second half, a change is made. Renato Tapia in the second half to start. Van der Heijden continues to be in the room behind it.Everton-swansea city · one hour ago

Steven Berghuis is on its way to his 200th Premier league match. In total, he came up to 105 times for the Club. For the other 95 games played, the attacker can use the service from a-Z (70), OT (16) and FC Twente (8). In addition, for the 100th time, that the captain of the Team in the base, it starts with the People.Everton-swansea city · one hour ago

Sam Larson celebrates in the second half. The new post is on its way to a strong and subbing. After the goal, it’s still a couple of times a dangerous one, but the results are still not up to his second goal of the night.Everton-swansea city · one hour ago, toRest. The rest of the game between Everton and stoke city. After an exciting first half of the 2-2. Hekkensluiter his side within twenty minutes of a 0-2 lead, but the team will recover strongly. A real oasis, and Larson provide for a draw after 45 minutes. We’re going to get another opportunity to get a head start, but the Waalwijkers keep a provisional status.Everton-swansea city · one hour to geleden42′ Again, Larsson will be dangerous, but this time his shot is just off.Everton-swansea city · one hour ago, toa 40 GOAL Season! 2-2

We’re going to fix for a rest in the 0 to 2-gap at his side. The free-kick from Sam Larsson are on changes direction, and disappears behind the keeper and Vaessen. It is the same in The Cockpit.Everton-swansea city · 2 hours ago

Nicolai Jørgensen is a celebration of the aansluitingstreffer (1-2).Everton-swansea city · 2-hour geleden36′ for his side continues to chase. Now it is Dylan’s Sales go to the right-hand side, but his cross does not come in to a team-mate.Everton-swansea city · 2-hour geleden34′ Leroy Fer is going to be hard on Stu, Meh. He also gets a yellow.Everton-swansea city · 2 hours ago

Sylla Sow, after he has his side to a 0-2 lead, place it against the Club. Now, we’re going to be scored, and the 1-2.Everton-swansea city · 2-hour geleden26, ” Dick’s Lawyer to put his first bill into it. Luis Sinisterra, to the side taken off. Sam Larsson is his replacement.Everton-swansea city · 2 hours ago –25′ GOAL, the Team! 1-2

Nicolai Jørgensen does the aansluitingstreffer for the Team.Everton-swansea city · 2 hours ago

Darren Maatsen, after the openingsdoelpunt in The Cockpit. A moment later, you shoot the Sow in the 0 to 2-in for his side. The Waalwijkers were never in the lead by two goals against the Team.Willem II-PSV youth · 2 hours ago

Van Bommel: ‘wouldn’t that be Sweet, in the picture, it would be”
Goalkeeper Jeroen Zoet was against Willem II at the bank and on the pitch, as Mark van Bommel imaging but didn’t. “It’s normal to have three keepers, and a warm-up to do, but I did not think it wise that he and the bank could take it. If there is a goal is, is he right in the picture on the tv, and I didn’t want to have,” says Van Bommel on FOX Sports.Everton-swansea city · 2 hours ago

Yellow card for Jan-Arie van der Heijden (seventh minute), it was the fastest card in The Bowl for a Team-player, and since Joris Mathijsen on the 22nd of september, 2013, after six minutes, a yellow was against FC Utrecht.Everton-swansea city · 2 hours ago –19′ GOAL for his side! 0 to 2

Sylla Sow to shoot his side to a 0-2. The ball goes by goal keeper Vermeer is on.Willem II-PSV youth · 2 hours ago

Van Bommel: “It is not for me’
Mark van Bommel is in spite of the defeat at Willem II, to talk about the game and its players. “I’m very disappointed, but the team is doing everything it can to”, frustrated, the coach of PSV eindhoven on FOX Sports. “We got a quick goal and we herpakten, but it is at this stage not for me. It can be explained that, because we’re missing two of our best players.”Everton-swansea city · 2 hours ago –14′ GOAL for his side! From 0 to 1

Darren Maatsen shoot down manchester united in the lead. The ball is on the way have been touched by a Feyenoorder so Kenneth Vermeer on the wrong foot.Everton-swansea city · 2-hour geleden10′ Danny Makkelie, the pressure in the first ten minutes of the contest. Also, Hans Mulder, now get yellow following a breach of Ridgeciano Perhaps from just outside the penalty area.Willem II-PSV youth · 2 hours ago

Dumfries: “We are very, very deep-sunken’
Denzel Dumfries frustrated to be firmly on the defeat of PSV eindhoven at Willem II. “I’ve got at this time there are no words for this,” laments the play on FOX Sports. “We are so deeply sunk, if the team being, and I don’t really have an explanation for it. I think that we are, we won’t be allowed to hide behind a busy schedule.”Everton-swansea city · 2-hour geleden8′ a Chance for his side! Darren Maatsen is the depth of submission, and can be quite vicious, but his shot lacks precision and it will disappear far away on the target.Everton-swansea city · 2-hour geleden7′ Strong offense, Jan-Arie van der Heijden, in which the Feyenoorder for the first yellow card of the competition. The free-kick for his side is no big chance for this.Everton-swansea city · 2-hour geleden4′ his side will attack from the start. The Waalwijkers to put the Team under pressure and force a corner off it.Everton-swansea city · 2 hours ago

Kick-off! The ball is in The Bucket. In the second Premier league match of the Season under Dick Advocaat this season, and is hekkensluiter manchester united as the opponent.Willem II-PSV youth · 2 hours ago

A detailed dialogue between Van Bommel, the technical manager of The Young, and the officer Initiated. #wilpsv


AuteurJeroen BijmaMoment of plaatsen16:42 am – november 10, 2019Willem II-PSV youth · 2 hours ago

📉 – @PSV this season in 13 matches and just as many defeats in the Premier league suffered (3) if, in the whole of last season. #champion’s league #wilpsv


AuteurGracenoteNetherlandsMoment of plaatsen16:40 pm – november 10, 2019Feyenoord-norwich city · 2 hours ago

The latest gains for his side of the Cockpit was twenty years ago
For manchester united, the Cockpit is almost an impregnable fortress. The one and only time that the Waalwijkers having won in Rotterdam, it was way back in 1999. In those days it was 1-2. Since then, the Team is eleven games against his side played, and lost, in the End, no one is. For the last time in the second half and the points lost against his side was in 2012 when the match ended in a 1-1-draw.Willem II-PSV youth · a 2-hour geledenPSV now, in the first thirteen matches of this Premier league season three times and lost, twice as much as in the whole of last season in the Premier league.Back to top

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