AZ’s lead in the second half, and comfortably, against FC Emmen

4224e22566511efa435921e1f23fa962 - AZ's lead in the second half, and comfortably, against FC Emmen

AZ’s lead in the second half, and comfortably, against FC Emmen

10 november 2019 11:33
10-11-19 11:33
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In the Premier league are on Sunday, five matches are on the program. In this liveblog, you do not have to miss Ajax amsterdam-FC Utrecht (4-0), Willem II-PSV (2-1), FC Twente-PEC Zwolle (2-1), Liverpool-stoke city (3-2) and (AZ-FC Emmen (20: 00).

Good morning, and welcome to our Premier-league-liveblog! My name is Rob Hirschmann, and I will keep you in the coming hours, informed of the latest developments in the games.

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  • AZ – FC Emmen 2-0
  • Results:
  • Willem II-PSV 2-1
  • Ajax amsterdam-FC Utrecht 4-0
  • FC Twente-PEC 2-1
  • The club-his side 3-2 up

E-Emmen · 4 hours ago

The 2-0 of the Myron still doing it just for peace of mind.E-Emmen · 6-minute geleden46′ a-Z is pushing out of the starting blocks in the second half. Svensson is absolutely free for the purpose, but his efforts to disappear in addition to it’s destination.E-Emmen · a 7-minute geleden46′ in The second half, and it’s on its way. Both sides are the same.E-Emmen · is a 13-minute geledenKoopmeiners is a penaltyspecialist, to name a few. The leader of the a-Z is one of the three players of this decade, which is ten or more penalties in the Premier league no one has to miss out on.

10 – How Koopmeiners, it is one of three players this decade, with 10+ Premier league duties without missing one of Sébastien Haller, 14 And Marco van Ginkel to 10). Experts in the sector.


AuteurOptaJohanMoment of plaatsen20:49 pm – november 10, 2019AZ for tourists · 20 hours ago

The joy is in the a-Z and a disappointment for FC Emmen in a single image is captured.E-Emmen · 24 minutes ago

Peace. AZ is clearly the better of the game against FC Emmen. The Alkmaarders with a 2-0-lead in the locker room at the.E-Emmen zoo · 25 minutes ago itis a 45′ GOAL in AZ! 2-0

Myron still doing it increases the advantage of the Z-plane for the rest.E-Emmen · 26 minutes geleden44′ Good, the salvation of the Bizot to be a commitment from Kollar.E-Emmen · 29 minutes geleden40′ Great chance for AZ! Still doing it may be to lash out, but his efforts are going to be entitled to Telgenkamp off.E-Emmen · 34 minutes ago –36′ GOAL in AZ! 1-0

How Koopmeiners used, the penalty will be. The leader of the AZ has not seen a penalty missed this season.E-Emmen · a 35-minute geleden34′ Penalty goal for AZ! Telgenkamp gets Svensson, drop it in the box. The keeper of the zoo Emmen is injured, after this action, and it is yellow in Siemen Mulder.E-Emmen · 38 minutes geleden31, ” There is almost openingsdoelpunt. Svensson tries to get the ball back on The White one, but it’s still just a Emmen all players in-between.E-Emmen · 41 minutes ago

FC Emmen have picked up this Premier league season, if any team does not yet have an end. The team from the province of Drenthe was still left, never the goal in a uitduel at Premier league level.E-Emmen · 44 minutes ago

In spite of several attempts, a-Z, love Telgenkamp, his goal is to be clean. After 25 minutes of play it was still 0-0.Z-zoo Emmen-four hours geleden24′ a-Z is becoming more and more threatening. Still doing it try it with a step-Telgenkamp to be a surprise, but it is the better of the Emmen zoo does at the moment is zero.Z-zoo Emmen-four hours geleden23′ Chacón is on the basis of still doing it, and gets the first yellow card of the match. Therefore, the fog, the Emmen-player for the next game.Z-zoo Emmen-four hours geleden20 The first real chance of the match is to the right. As a man He Wijndal come in And be the White, but the sides of the a-Z you can have the head just does not look right at the ball to get it.E-in Emmen · – one hour ago

15′ Z and Emmen to keep each other in balance in the first quarter of the game. Both teams have no big chances were created. Bizot was a once-in-action could be due to a short back-pass from team-mate Hatzidiakos.Z-zoo Emmen-four hours geleden8′ Pantelis Hatzidiakos to bring his own goalkeeper Marco Bizot in trouble due to a short back-pass. Emmen does not know to take advantage of.Z-zoo Emmen-four hours geleden5′ Dennis Telgenkamp for the first time in the act. A free-kick from Fredrik Midtsjø, it is easy pickings for the keeper of the Zoo)E-in Emmen · – one hour ago

For kick-off. A-Z, Emmen kick off the final Premier league match this weekend. For Myron still doing it, and Calvin Stengs, it’s the last game before they sign up for the first time must report to the Dutch national team.Everton-swansea city · one hour ago

A lawyer will enjoy the ‘great playing’ Senesi
Dick Advocaat is happy with the way in which the Husband Senesi, played in the win at home against RKC (3-2). With the central defender winning his performance with the winning hit in the 85th minute. “I’m very, very happy for him,” said a happy Lawyer, and after the match in The Bowl at FOX Sports. “Husband, I found a really great play. Not only defensively, but also have the ball in your court. As he is supposed to play.”AZ Emmen (·a 2-hour geledenDe E-the players enter the field, the Cars, the Jeans Arena. In about twenty minutes, start with AZ and FC Emmen in the last match of the tenth round of the Premier league.

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AuteurAZMoment of plaatsen19:31 am – 10 november, 2019AZ for tourists · 2 hours ago

Z can be, tonight, a big hole in the number three in the League, PSV. If the Alkmaarders win of FC Emmen, they have a five-point lead on the Locals, and they are firmly in place, and two behind a Box. AZ-FC Emmen there was only one other time in the program will be in the Premier league. It was on the 2nd of February of this year. And then it was 5-0 to the right.Everton-swansea city · 2 hours ago



AuteurFeyenoord RotterdamMoment of plaatsen18:52 – november 10, 2019Feyenoord-norwich city · 2 hours ago

The lawyer had ‘nice things’ seen
Dick Advocaat was happy with the performance of the Team today against manchester city (3-2). “We have to continually press the opponent’s set. It was fun to watch,” said the Feyenoord coach at FOX Sports. “We’ll have plenty of opportunities to the game before make your mind up. I have found that we enjoy playing and do funny things. If you at his side how to play, you can also play against the other teams on this play.”Everton-swansea city · 2 hours ago

Marcos Senesi, the first Argentinian with a Highest-scored for the Club since Mariano Bombarda, on the 31st of August, 2003, at home against NAC Breda (2-1).E-Emmen · 2 hours ago

A-Z begins to be unchanged in the game against FC Emmen.

Lineup a-Z: Bizot; Svensson, Hatzidiakos, Wuytens, Wijndal; Midstsjo, White, Koopmeiners; Stengs, still doing it, Idrissi

Preparation of FC Emmen
: Telgenkamp; Ax, Heylen, Veendorp, Burnet; Laursen, Chacón, Hiariej, and Bars; The Lion, the KolarFeyenoord-manchester city · 3 hours ago

Senesi, selling the Team on to victory
Marcos Senesi brings the Team close to the victory against the hekkensluiter manchester united. After a 2-2-idle hunting Season long on the planet. Among others, Steven Berghuis gets in a few not-to-missed opportunities, but in the end, it was the Former Senesi, which, in the End, the victory does it.Everton-swansea city · 3 hours to geleden90+3 Again, mist, mountain house is a great opportunity. For an empty goal to shoot for the Team leader to set the standard.Everton-swansea city · 3 hours to geleden88′ for his side the final minutes with ten men. Stijn Spierings gets a second yellow card for protesting, and is red to leave the field.Everton-swansea city · 3-minute walk fromthe 85′ GOAL in the Club! 3-2

After a myriad of opportunities for the Husband Senesi, who is the Team in the lead is the headline from a free-kick from mountain house.Everton-swansea city · 3 hours to geleden84′ for his side and defend it with might and main. We’re going to insist, but it is not on the wall of his side-men to go.Everton-swansea city · 3 hours to geleden78′ Kökcü surprised Rienstra on the emergency brake pedal, and the Feyenoorder cheating scandal. A free-kick to Everton in a dangerous position, but for the umpteenth time today, saves the day Vaessen.Everton-swansea city · 3 hours ago

The efforts of Steven Berghuis, who ends up on top of the pillar. In spite of the many opportunities ahead for the Team is the same as at hekkensluiter his side.Everton-swansea city · 3 hours to geleden73′ Sales will be an exchange of views. For him, it is Kevin Followed in the field.Everton-swansea city · 3 hours to geleden70′ for his side does not have to be used. We’re going to put the visitors under pressure, but the momentum is still not to turn it into a competitive advantage. A shot from Jørgensen, is narrowly saved by Vaessen, and a hard shot by Toornstra is right next to the target.Everton-swansea city · 3 hours to geleden67′ Recommendation, and Bakari to come in hard, with their heads against each other. Both of his side-men to stay on the grass and have a need to be cared for.Everton-swansea city · 3 hours to geleden65′ Fred, the Game is going to change. Anas Tahiri is in the field, the author of the openingsdoelpunt Darren Maatsen.Everton-swansea city · 3 hours ago

Steven Berghuis is missing two huge opportunities we’re going to start to shoot. After more than an hour of game play is the same as (2-2).Everton-swansea city · 3 hours to geleden59′ Again, it’s a mountain house with a large chance, but this time it ends with his commitment to the post.Everton-swansea city · 3 hours to geleden58′ mountain house has the 3-2 on the shoe, but the check is missing. Bet it goes high over the target Vaessen.Everton-swansea city · 3 hours to geleden56 Also manchester city on the hunt for his third goal. Maatsen puts the ball wide, but the ball is just intercepted before Sales reach.Everton-swansea city · 3 hours to geleden52 ” Daan Rienstra, keeps his side up for a season. The leader of the Waalwijkers and blasts the ball in from the goal line.Everton-swansea city · 3 hours to geleden50′ my god! There it is, we’re going to be close to the edge. The commitment of the Kökcü is to be turned in by Vaessen and rebound damping, can also be is a real oasis on the ball between the posts to get it.Everton-swansea city · 3 hours to geleden46′ we’re going to go immediately in pursuit of the third goal. Kökcü takes an effort from distance, but his shot comes along.Everton-swansea city · 3 hours to geleden46′ in The second half, and it’s on its way. A lawyer has to be in the second half, a change is made. Renato Tapia in the second half to start. Van der Heijden continues to be in the room behind it.Everton-swansea city · 3 hours ago

Steven Berghuis is on its way to his 200th Premier league match. In total, he came up to 105 times for the Club. For the other 95 games played, the attacker can use the service from a-Z (70), OT (16) and FC Twente (8). In addition, for the 100th time, that the captain of the Team in the base, it starts with the People.Everton-manchester united · 4 hours ago

Sam Larson celebrates in the second half. The new post is on its way to a strong and subbing. After the goal, it’s still a couple of times a dangerous one, but the results are still not up to his second goal of the night.Back to top

Image: A Pro-Shots


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