Reactions after the victory, Heracles, Fortuna and Heerenveen, the netherlands (closed)

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Reactions after the victory, Heracles, Fortuna and Heerenveen, the netherlands (closed)

09 november, 2019 18:23
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In the tenth round of the Premier league, next Saturday, to continue on with the matches, sc Heerenveen-Sparta Rotterdam (2-1), Fortuna Sittard ADO Den Haag (1-0) and the Heracles Almelo-VVV-Venlo have started at 20: 45). To follow this liveblog.

  • Results:
  • Heerenveen-Sparta 2-1
  • Fortune-ADO 1-0
  • United-OT 6-1

Heracles-VVV · 22 hours ago

United press, TOURIST information office, trainer’s Part and deeper in trouble with a 6-1 victory
Heracles to shed the cares of the TOURIST office car park and trainer Robert Maaskant. The team in Almelo, the netherlands he was one of the People by no less than 6-1. Cyriel Dessers for the three goals of the well-regarded man. Alexander Merkel, Silvester of of of of of Water, and Mauro Júnior record, the other hit by them. On behalf of OT Peter van Ooijen from a free-kick to get something back in return, but his goal is far too late to make the game even more exciting to do.United-OT · a 26-minute geleden88 And there is almost 7-1! Dessers are a diver, it was not the first time this evening, for the purpose of the Cherry. This time the shooting of the Belgians against the German, the final item on the.Heracles-VVV · 33 minutes ago –82′ GOAL United! 6-1

Ow, ow, ow.. Dessers can get the ball to just take it in the hills of the penalty area, turns freely, and the shoots are very easy, with the score 6-1 at the target. The evening will be more and more painful for the TOURIST office and the trainer’s Part.United-OT · 35 minutes ago

Peter van Ooijen will have to shoot his second free-kick of the season was one to remember. The only Mark Diemers shot this season, the two free-kicks into the goal. Van Ooijen made it earlier in the season against Sparta (4-1 defeat).United-OT · 40 minutes ago,74′ GOAL of the VVV-Venlo! 5 to 1

You can buy it as a fan of the OT were not, but the goal by Van Ooijen) is perhaps the most beautiful goal of the night. The midfield player shoots a free-kick from a metre or two on the road.United-OT · 41 minutes ago

VVV-Venlo collects, for the first time in club history with at least three goals in six Bundesliga duels in a row.United-OT · 43 minutes ago

United’s biggest Premier league victory, a 7-0 win at VVV-Venlo, on the 2nd of december 2011.United-OT · 44 minutes ago

Mauro Júnior does tonight, his fifth goal of the season, but it was only his first goal for the in the 86th minute.Heracles-VVV-four hours ago,64′ GOAL United! 5-0

United has no mercy for the TOURIST information centre. Dessers more great play to get Cherry back, and that makes it 5-0 from it.Heracles-VVV-four hours ago,a 60′ GOAL United! 4-0

It would be a very painful evening, for TOURIST, may be used. Dessers, explains that the ball is ready for is Mauro Júnior and thus don’t miss this opportunity. Now, all of a 4-0 lead, then. And there’s still half an hour to play. United-OT-four hours ago,55′ GOAL United! 3-0

And, in Almelo, the netherlands! Dessers, it is the end of a beautiful attack, and shoot him in reference to Czyborra’s 3-0 up against the ropes.Heracles-VVV-four hours geleden53 ” As to what the danger of the TOURIST information centre. A hard shot from Yeboah and ends up in the hands of the Blaswich.Fortuna Sittard ADO Den Haag, one day ago

Fortune recognizes the important thuiszege to ADO
Fortuna Sittard has made a significant thuiszege at ADO Den Haag, the netherlands. Thanks to a goal By Ciss to win the People by 1-0. The victory of climbing up to the Task, at the expense of the ADO to the last place in the Premier league. The team of coach Alfons Groenendijk down to the fifteenth spot.Fortuna Sittard ADO Den Haag-four hours geleden90+6 ” I am the salvation of the Koselev! The Moldaviër pick a bet, of Summerville, out of the corner and deliver the victory to Luck.Heracles-VVV · – one hour ago

The rest is in Almelo, the netherlands. United lead thanks to goals from angela Merkel, and of the Water to a comfortable 2-0.Heracles-VVV · – one hour ago

Silvester van der Water, and in his two seasons at United:

  • 2019/2020 twelve matches, 5 goals
  • 2018/2019 twelve matches, 0 goals

Heracles-VVV-four hours ago,41′ GOAL United! 2-0

Of of of of Water one-two with Dos Santos and is in hot pursuit of the ball and the cross. A fine goal to double United’s lead.Fortuna Sittard-ADO Den Haag · 2 hours ago –74′ GOAL, ADO is frowned upon!

After all, it was the edge of the penalty area, and it seems in the end to write it down. As Necid is in an offside position and the division direction, that is, the goal is disallowed.Fortuna Sittard-ADO Den Haag · 2 hours ago

Alexander Merkel is the second of Kazach, which is a goal in the Premier league does. Georgy Zhukov was made on behalf of Roda JC in February of 2016 to be at United (0-5 win) the first time.Heracles Almelo-VVV-Venlo · 2 hours ago –23′ GOAL, Heracles! 1-0

This is where the opening goal for the home side. Alexander Merkel will get away from the edge of the zestienmetergebied have all the freedom to pick up and place the ball beautifully into the top right corner.Fortuna Sittard-ADO Den Haag · 2 hours ago

Amadou Ciss, makes tonight, the fifth-Premier-league-goal of the season. As the only African players who are in a season of more than five-Premier-league-goals were to Stood by his ^ A Doufikar (seven of which are in the season of 1990/1991) and Matthew Amoah (or ten, in the season of 1999/2000).United-OT · 2-hour geleden10′ Mauro Júnior may have been one of the goal of the Cherry finish. If the Former, the OFFICE keeper would pass by, he plays the ball too far in front of him, and will forfeit a great opportunity.Fortuna Sittard-ADO Den Haag · a 2-hour geleden48 ” This is a great saving of Koselev, and the pile will retain a Fortune for the pipe. After all, it seems to the score to open out of a corner, but his effort is excellent, to be turned in by the Moldovan final item. In the rebound, shoots Beugelsdijk on top of the pillar.United-OT · 2-hour geleden3′ United will be up early in the game and a huge chance to take the score to open it up. Knoester and can hit the ball out for a corner, just take it and should be pretty out of it. His commitment extends to half a meter next to the wrong side of the road.United-OT · 2-hour geleden1 And Heracles-VVV, the last game of today, it is going to start.United-OT · 2 hours ago

United start with the same eleven names, as well as last week against RKC (2-0 defeat). VVV-Venlo will then start to Roel Janssen, Chris Kum, Elias Soriano for Lee Cattermole and John Yeboah, for Evert Linthorst. At 20: 45 will kick off at the Stadium Exists for Asito.

Heracles Almelo: Blaswich; Port, Pröpper, Knoester, Czyborra; Kiomourtzoglou, angela Merkel, Mauro, a Junior, From of the Water, Dessers, Dos Santos.

VVV-Venlo: Cherry, Pachonik, Röseler, Schaefer, Janssen; Neudecker, Post, and Van Ooijen; Wright, Soriano, Yeboah.Fortuna Sittard-ADO Den Haag · 2 hours ago

It is a half-Fortune -, ADO. Thanks to a goal By Ciss, the People in a 1-0-lead.Fortuna Sittard-ADO Den Haag · 2 hours ago there isa 40 GOAL a Fortune There! 1-0

Amadou Ciss, get the ball out and the rebound at his feet and get the shot in the bottom right corner. Fortuna takes the lead against Heerenveen-Sparta · 3 hours ago

Wigan will recover and will beat the Race
Heerenveen, the netherlands leans against Sparta, and a 0-1-deficit into a 2-1 victory. The Teaser will come out in the first half with a goal by Lars Veldwijk on the season. After the rest picks up Wigan with two goals from Chidura Ejuke of the pipe and not out of your hands.Heerenveen, the netherlands-Motor · a 3-hour geleden90+3′ – What a miss from Ejuke, who are not able to get his hat-trick to finish the job. Wigan may be a cut off corner, a counter, and because of the Race-keeper Harush with it has been brought to light, it is the purpose of null. This time, it has Ejuke of his sight, however, is not as sharp as he fires an m next to Heerenveen-Sparta · 3 hours geleden88′ the Race is not won yet! Rayhi could be free to lash out in the penalty area, but the Hahn responds quickly and with a great rescue at the end.Fortuna Sittard-ADO Den Haag · 3 hours geleden25′ for The match between Fortuna and the ADO has not yet really got going. The opportunities are in short supply in the South of the province of Limburg and goals, thus: Heerenveen-Sparta · 3 hours ago,79′ GOAL in Heerenveen, the netherlands! 2-1

Within the next six minutes to grab Heerenveen in the lead, and once again, it is Ejuke who knows where to find you. The attacker dribbles to the penalty area from the right-hand side and the surprise of the Race-keeper Harush with a puntertje. The roles have been completely reversed at the Abe Lenstra Heerenveen-Sparta · 3 hours geleden76, ” What an amazing shot of the Harroui! The sides of the Race it was a distance of twenty-destructive, and to see his efforts against the crossbar pop.Fortuna Sittard-ADO Den Haag · 3 hours ago

Michiel Kramer scored in the Premier league is already in Roda and at the TOURIST information centre. It has all the current Premiership players in the fourth, a football player who is on a visit to three of Limburg, clubs, and a Club-baseball, following Hakim Ziyech, Steven Berghuis and Bryan Heerenveen-Sparta · 3 hours ago

Lars Veldwijk scored tonight for the first time in a Premier league match in which he is in, the basics stay the same, since the 24th of december 2017, then, on behalf of football club FC Groningen at Sparta (4-0 win).Fortuna Sittard-ADO Den Haag · 3 hours geleden1, ” The ball is in the Fortuna Sittard football Stadium. Fortune-the ADO begins.Fortuna Sittard-ADO Den Haag · 3 hours ago

Alfons Groenendijk is going to be 94th Premier league match as the ADO coach. As he passes through this Co Adriaanse (93 matches) in the fifth-place all-time. Maurice Stein, is the fourth in a 95 Heerenveen-Sparta · 3 hours geleden46′ Heerenveen, the netherlands-the Race is started by the referee Kooij. In the End, lead 01.Fortuna Sittard-ADO Den Haag · 3 hours ago

Fortuna Sittard against ADO Den Haag with the Same Essers for Cian Harries. The ADO will start with the same eleven as last week, when the 1-to-1 against sc Heerenveen, the netherlands.

Fortuna Sittard: Koselev; Essers, Angha, Ninaj, Cox; Passlack, Tesfaldet, Smith, Ciss; Diemers, Sambou.

ADO Den Haag: Koopmans,; Malone, Beugelsdijk, debit cards, Abstract; a Bakery, After all, Plenty; Summerville, Kramer, and Heerenveen-Sparta · 4 hours ago

Peace. Heerenveen and Sparta in search of the dressing rooms with a Heerenveen-Sparta · 4 hours ago

None of the other teams in the Premier league, having scored this season, is the head of the Race. The goal of Veldwijk is already the seventh year of the Race-goal is that the head is made Heerenveen-Sparta · 4 hours geleden33, ” There is almost the same! A level of Ricardo van Rhijn and ends up at the Heerenveen-Sparta · 4 hours ago –26′ GOAL in the Race! From 0 to 1

The race takes a surprising lead in the Abe Lenstra Stadium. Veldwijk, and it towers over everyone and blasts from 0 to 1, against the Heerenveen-Sparta · 4 hours ago

Only Ajax, with fifteen goals this season, more goals will be scored in the first half, then sc Heerenveen, the netherlands. The Teaser showed all of the thirteen goals in the first half, but the waiting for tonight is still on for the first Heerenveen-Sparta · 4 hours ago itwas 4: GOAL Wigan rejected!

Rodney Kongolo seems to have the score, but the midfielder takes the ball with his hand. The goal will be Heerenveen-Sparta · 4 hours geleden1, ” There is the potential at the Abe Lenstra Stadium. Heerenveen, the netherlands-the Race is on the Heerenveen-Sparta · 5 hours ago

The race awaits in the Premier league against Vitesse (23 matches in 1978), and Ajax (19 matches since 1991, and more in an away win against sc Heerenveen, the netherlands (seventeen matches). In the first Race with a point or with a visit to Heerenveen, the netherlands on 1 september 2007. Thanks in part to a goal by Yuri Rose, it was then Heerenveen-Sparta · 5 hours ago

In the Abe Lenstra stadium this season negenkeer products. Only at the AFAS Stadium in Alkmaar, and fell, with four fewer goals.Back to top

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