Martin Heylen, Eddy Planckaert of cycling back in 1972, in What, a Year

1b58da2e7f487b873e656d663368a77a - Martin Heylen, Eddy Planckaert of cycling back in 1972, in What, a Year

After a successful year, with an average of 603.000 viewers and a 33,1% share of the market (VVA 18-54, with a live+delayed), in the last episode, What a Year!!! In 1972, on the agenda. 47 years ago, in the meantime, it is high time, therefore, to make our minds about it this year, once again, to refresh your knowledge. In the U.s., president Nixon gets caught up in the Watergateschandaal. Emancipation is the word of the year, in a town of 8000 women in the first national women’s day. And the youngsters, The sword, the Sword of the
Ardoewaan keep all of the young people are captivated by the exciting combat sequences.
But, I have a Jonas and There’s nothing of notice, and they were there in 1972, and is still not enough. And, so they have to gain and that comes in the sporty form of Eddy Planckaert and Martin Heylen stage opgefietst. The 14-year-old, as Eddy puts it in 1972, and a large part of his time on a bicycle seat. Koersjes in the area, and to win advantage, that is, his two favorite things to do. The 16-year-old Martin, growing up in the bar of his parents and has big plans for the future. He decided to use that year as the schooldeuren behind him, too, and have to go to work in the factory, it is the beginning of a varied career.

When Carl, after the vragenrondes all of the money has been divided equally between the two teams in this final episode, yet to be sung. 14. hits (1972), neatly wrapped in a chain. Martin, Eddy was trying to follow the performers to remember. They want to be in the audience, they have chosen not to go away empty-handed steering. But who’s next?