Thom Yorke takes us into a dark world

9c33dd8efdcc9befd6cef4364c64b181 - Thom Yorke takes us into a dark world


Thom Yorke did with the Anima, one of the most exciting albums of 2019 is created. Thanks to the previous successes And his experimental music and lose it to a wider audience.

The music videos for his songs, he likes to work with some of the most interesting filmmakers at the moment. This allows you to watch Netflix in the short film “Anima” that he made with director Paul Thomas Anderson. The first single , Last I heard (Hey it Was Circling the Drain) has enlisted the help of Art, and hard work. This is a creative company based in Brooklyn, brings together artists from different disciplines together, in order, as are all the beautiful videos and animations.


They brought, among other animatiemaker Saad Moosajee, along with the Zuheng is the Yin to Jenny Mascia. Together, they are in a gray dystopian world in which the anonymous figures on the somber way in moving forward in the city. The depressing images are a perfect fit for the music that Yorke made. It’s not all happy, but very beautiful in the picture.

The animation is a lot of variety of techniques in both 2D and 3D together. There are a total of 3000 frames is made of, for example, with software, which is a large mass of people can imitate. In addition, there is a stop-motion made with a powder and the techniques of charcoal, and digital simulation of the fire. The result of this unique combination is one of the best videos of the moment.