Course, along with the CHARITY’s Warmathon

4ce61febcadc350eab5ade054e94b863 - Course, along with the CHARITY's Warmathon

During The Middle Week, TELEVISION, youth radio station, CHARITY, live radio, and a report on the six-Warmathons. The MNM-studio’s traveling during the week before christmas, along with the Warmathon, through the whole of Flanders. Arabic English dj, make beats, run with it, run favorite loopnummers to ensure a unique Warmathon atmosphere of well-being.

Arabic English dj’s Peter Van de Veire Said The Cock, Brahim, Dorianne Aussems, Sander Gillis and Laura, Govaerts, will all of the runners, encouraging, good music. The music on the spot, to be provided by the MNM Start to Dj contest winners Avalonn, and Merlo.

New this year is an official action is recorded to be The Hottest Week of the Warmathon are in the story, too. The Warmathons to take CHARITY, the dj’s, and a well-known Flemish people, a personal action videos with the activists, they will then have to be able to share it on their social media accounts.

OBSERVERS: in order to create, for each of the Warmathon are also some of the hangers-on off dj’s who, for many years, and for the runners a cheer and a memory, under the nose. Among other OBSERVERS, the dj’s, Wanne Synnave, Kawtar Ehlalouch, S is The Line, Yoren Linsen, Anushka Melkonian, and Laurens Luyten and run with it. Also, Sportstan Vanderwaeren, it will all Warmathons for many years.