Bauer scores with ‘I Love You’ to a 9th place, top 3 in the album, in Flanders,

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Bauer proves with ‘I love you’ that is very popular will remain in the region. With his new album, rising for the 3rd place in the Flemish Ultratop Album Charts, and “I love you,” is her 9th Top 3 album in the country. The album will include the singles “The bomb” and the ” new “Trailer mama” to be found.

‘Caravan / mobile home to mama’ is an extremely emotional tribute to the now-73-year-old mother of francis, wherein he sings of his love for his mother, but also his background.
French was, “I love you”, as well as the gold award-winning predecessor, ‘Music’, and the Purchaser-of the album ‘pure-bred’ to do. A combination of atmospheric and beautiful songs with a message for the young and the old hits. “The album radiates just the way I am,” says French, “and that it is felt by the people. What I make comes straight from the heart.”

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