An emotional Pommeline in Today to go on a Date

3e2b24d362a2163166e06c652284b3ad - An emotional Pommeline in Today to go on a Date

In the latest episode of Celebrity to Go on a Date struggles to Pommeline, still with the grief and pain of her relationship with Fabrizio. They understand it’s still not what exactly is lost and why are they not more information given.

It’s time for the ultimate closure to the conversation.

“For three weeks, and you’ve done it you made it, you sat with me by the wedding planner.”

“You’re not going with me to a wedding planner, you’ll do not permit me once more to that dream, to believe, and then you can grab anything off of me. It did me a lot of pain.”

And the other 2 ladies are preparing for their blind date, come and Jarne, and Diaz, once again, their heart will be airing on affect her and Jack. After that, the celebs of their portion of dating back to have been, it’s time for a new mixer with new singles, and for all of you!

On Friday, at 20u35 FIVE