PSV’s lead midway through the EL-team LASK thanks to a penalty kick Schwaab

11ed0db951db6af30f4fc59d80053b69 - PSV's lead midway through the EL-team LASK thanks to a penalty kick Schwaab

PSV’s lead midway through the EL-team LASK thanks to a penalty kick Schwaab

07 november, 2019 16:36
07-11-19 16:36
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In the fourth round of the group stage of the Europa League, out of the three Dutch clubs in action. PSV eindhoven is playing in Austria, is against LASK Linz at 18.55 hours have started and we’re going to take it in The Tub, against the Young Boys (21: 00). Earlier in the evening won the a-Z of 0-5, on a visit to FC Astana. To follow this liveblog.

Hi! My name is Robbert van der Linden, and in this liveblog, I love you, tonight, at the level of the performance of Dutch clubs in the Europa League!

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  • 21: 00: Everton-Young Boys
  • Results:
  • The Astana team-AZ 0-5

LASK RANGE · 2 minutes ago

The players of PSV eindhoven celebrates after the opening goal from Daniel Schwaab. The rake is a penalty, the German was the only effort on target of the Locals in the first half and that pretty much says it all about this game.Champions League · 7 hours ago

These are the recline positions for the remaining matches in the Europa League:

  • FIRST-Qarabag 0-1
  • FC-Basel-Barcelona 1-1
  • CFR Cluj from Stade Rennais 0-0
  • Dudelange-Sevilla 0-4
  • FC Copenhagen-Dynamo Kyiv 1-0
  • Krasnodar-Trabzonspor 2-0
  • B-Both 1-To-1
  • Lugano-Malmo FF 0-0
  • Rosenborg Sporting CP 0-2
  • Standard Liege-Eintracht Frankfurt 0-0

LASK RANGE · 10 hours ago

Peace of mind! The teams have to go to the tea in the city tour. PSV leads with 0-1 thanks to a Daniel Schwaab, who has been in the fifth-minute shot from the strafschopstip. In the remainder of the first half of the LASK charging, and a lot of bedrijviger than the Locals, but it is Jeroen’s Sweet and has not yet been passed.LASK-PSV · 12-minute geleden44′ Frieser produce something that is middenhoudt between a shot and a header. The stake passes a meter or two, in addition to the purpose of the Overlay.LASK RANGE · is a 13-minute geleden43′ MANU, let LASK, often up to take the penalty area out. The Austrians were not the best team in the world, but they can’t do this for a long time to go.Everton-Young Boys · is a 13-minute geledenDe t-shirts, shorts and socks are ready to go to the players of the Team, which is at 21: 00 kick-offs against Young Boys.

The red and white of Feyenoord. j️
#feyyb #UEL


AuteurFeyenoord RotterdamMoment of plaatsen19:31 am – 7 november, 2019Feyenoord-Young Boys · 14 hours ago

We’re going with the trusty elf at the Young Boy
We’re going to occur with the well-known basiself under coach Dick Advocaat at the Young Boy. Only Renato Tapia is a new occurrence, he replaces the suspended Leroy Fer. For, in the End, only the win in order to keep up to stay in the League.

Drawing up of Feyenoord: Vermeer; Karsdorp, Ié, Van der Heijden, Perhaps; Toornstra, Tapia, Kökcü; mountain house, a real oasis, Sinisterra.

Compilation Young Boys: Von Ballmoos; Lotomba, Sorensen, Zesiger, Garcia; Fassnacht, Aebischer, Lustenberger; Assalé, Nsamé, Ngamaleu.Rosenborg Sporting CP · 17 minutes ago –38′, GOAL Sporting CP! 0 to 2

Sporting CP may have to take a break in the arm-chair. Bruno Fernandes doubles the group advantage, the advantage of the Portuguese, and this seems to win in hekkensluiter Rosenborg to secure.LASK RANGE · 18-minute geleden37 ” here comes MANU is very good! After one cut off the free kick the ball to the feet of Frieser. His commitment, with some improvisation out of the Netherlands ministry of defence. According to the Austrians, is a hand, but the referee would have none of it.LASK RANGE · 20-minute geleden36′ Michorl gets out of the distance, and see a bet, but not just on the intersection to swing. In this way, it calls upon the PSV of the misery on himself because the ball just one time for LASK.LASK RANGE · 25-minute geleden30′ LASK in the first half-hour of winning. MANU I am a little disturbed by the physical play of the Austrians, but it remains a defensive-yet-easy-up. After the free kick and the Locals loved, however, nothing to show for it.Everton-Young Boys · 31 minutes and geledenHet is still trying to get used to Dick Advocaat, coach of the Team to be. The 72-year-old Hagenaar take it for its first home game against Young Boys in the Europa League, with the false entrance from The Cockpit.

The first time at home in the @DeKuip for Dick Advocaat: a little getting used to… 😅
#feyyb #UEL


AuteurFeyenoord RotterdamMoment of plaatsen19:15 – november 7, 2019LASK RANGE · 33 minutes ago

The team-mate of Schwaab name in the box to the centre of the party.FC Astana-Z · 34 minutes ago

The White Was a bit of a gallery to play to’
“In the second half, and we just have great goals and it was a bit of a gallery to play to,” laughs a-Z’there, And the White to FOX Sports after the 0-5 win at FC Astana. “I was at PSV eindhoven passed up because of it, and a tactical choice, but it is in the game then I went back to the basics, and I scored straight away. In the match, then I scored and two assists. I’m pretty busy.”LASK RANGE · 35 minutes ago

…and to celebrate, a few seconds later, goal.LASK RANGE · 36 minutes ago

Daniel Schwaab puts on for tonight…LASK RANGE · 38-minute geleden18′ MANU rested after a quick head start towards the back, and place your wager on the speed of, for example, Gakpo, and Bruma in the front seat. This can be a dangerous tactic, as the Austrians have a lot of the ball in their half of the Locals and have a Fresh a couple of times in the eyes could see.Rosenborg Sporting CP) · 39 minutes ago –16′, GOAL Sporting CP! From 0 to 1

In the group of the pitch is also Sporting CP in the lead. The runner-up of the group breaks up after more than a quarter of an hour to play a game against hekkensluiter Rosenborg captivated by Sebastian Coates.FC Astana-Z · 41 minutes ago

“You always think that you are at peace with the 0 to 4-can be
He Finally smiles from ear-to-ear, with FOX Sports after the 0-5 win at FC Astana in the the group stage of the champions League after a 0-1-stand-by. “It was in the rest, frustrated in the dressing room, so I said to them,” You are thinking, but you’re using 0 to 4 for standing the rest, but the fact is, it is not’. We will have plenty of chances were created in the first half, and not giving it away. In the second half, and we have a great, well-played. I’ve had guys come to see things to do that you have to think: these are the players who have self-confidence.”LASK RANGE · a 43-minute geleden13′ Goiginger try it with a free-kick from distance. Also, this effort can be naastgekeken by Fresh water.LASK RANGE · one-hour geleden11′ Raguz won the kopduel of Viergever, but the striker nods, happy for the PSV is just next to it. The Austrians try to post early, behind, back in the game and fight.LASK RANGE · one-hour geledenEn, as did the remainder of New fans with the opening goal.

Great in the beginning.


AuteurPSVMoment of plaatsen19:01 am – 7 november, 2019LASK RANGE · one-hour geledenDe took advantage of a penalty by Daniel Schwaab within the image.

Daniel Schwaab wanted to take responsibility, and that in the real world: from 0 to 1 for the ADVANTAGE.


AuteurRik ElfrinkMoment of plaatsen19:00 p.m., november 7, 2019LASK RANGE · one-hour geleden7′ Sweet to have some time with a shot from distance, but his defenders get him to come to the rescue, and the ball is kick.LASK RANGE-four hours ago,at 5′ GOAL to PSV! From 0 to 1

It is, interestingly enough, Daniel Schwaab, who is about the shoot-out takes. The German central defender, remains cool to the touch, and then sends the goalkeeper Alexander Schlager the wrong way. An early lead for the PLAYER, which will be a boost for the Locals!LASK RANGE · one-hour geleden4′ Penalty for PSV! A man from Dumfries is in the arms of Rantfl. The repetition seems to be the sides of a LASK a little out of the sixteen, however, and there is no VAR in the League, and if you want to make the decision of a referee Petrescu are.LASK RANGE · one-hour geledenNick Viergever, it climbs back to the list of people with the most European games in their legs.

🍀 – Most of the European matches, on behalf of the Dutch clubs
The 88 – Danny Blind
The 84 – Willy van de Kerkhof
The 78 – Wilfred Bouma
77 – Nick Viergever (+1)
76 Jan Heintze
The 72 – Ruud Krol
71 – Frank de Boer


AuteurGracenoteNetherlandsMoment of plaatsen18:53 – november 7, 2019LASK RANGE-four hours ago, toKick-off! The ball is in Austria, in the European evening, and also PSV eindhoven in action! The Locals hunt by LASK at once to a triumph. If the PSV tonight, and knows how to win, they are assured of a stay in the Europa League.Europa League · one hour ago

Also, these matches in the Europa League in the first place.

  • FIRST-Qarabag
  • FC-Basel-Barcelona
  • CFR Cluj from Stade Rennais
  • Dudelange-Seville
  • FC Copenhagen-Dynamo Kiev
  • Krasnodar-Sexy
  • Apartment-Spain
  • Lugano-Malmo FF
  • Rosenborg Sporting CP
  • Standard Liege-Eintracht Frankfurt

LASK RANGE · one-hour geledenPSV it has been a month with no game wins. The 6th October saw the Locals with their latest win, 4-1, against VVV-Venlo, the netherlands. Since then, it was lost to FC Utrecht and AZ, and gelijkgespeeld against the LASK, and of the Race. The crew of Mark van Bommel tonight, which is a bad series finally end?LASK RANGE one day ago

Van Bommel: ‘Doubt carry over to my setting’
Learn Gakpo, start at the peak of the pitch to the away from home against LASK in the group stage of the champions League “I Have in the last match, the match before that, I was converted. Cody may be inserted between the lines in the play, and it has depth. Bruma is an adventurous player who is not as self-disciplined as Cody. This is not a problem, it’s the quality. I am always talking about my set-up, otherwise, don’t you think second,” says trainer Mark van Bommel at FOX Sports, who will once again for the remainder of Ibrahim Afellay on the front posteert. “I think that Afellay is not so much so that he has minutes, you can make it.”FC Astana-AZ-one hour ago

Pantelis Hatzidiakos can hardly believe it, but the central defender put down in AZ is really a beautiful goal, on a 0 to 4.FC Astana-AZ-one hour ago

This is the position in the group L, after the resounding victory of the AZ-FC Astana:

FC Astana-AZ 0-5
21: 00:
Manchester United Will be


  1. A-Z 4-8 (13-2)
  2. Manchester United Are 3-7 (2-0)
  3. Will be about 3-4 (4-4)
  4. FC Astana 4-0 (1-14)

LASK RANGE one day ago

This is the position in group D, at the beginning of the LASK RANGE:

18.55 hrs: LASK RANGE
18.55 hrs: Rosenborg-Sporting CP


  1. PSV 3-7 (7-3)
  2. Sporting CP-3 to 6 (5 to 4)
  3. LASK is 3-4 (2-2)
  4. Rosenborg 3-0 (1 to 6)

FC Astana-AZ-one hour ago

A-Z wins yet again plenty of Palm
After the 6-0 win in Alkmaar, where AZ is also in Kazakhstan, with the large-digit win of FC Astana. At the Astana Arena to win the Alkmaarders with 0-5 by the way, Kazakhs. Myron still doing open in the first half, in the score, and after a rest, walk a-Z by: Fredrik Midtsjö, Oussama Idrissi, Pantelis Hatzidiakos, and once again, still doing to a great start.FC Astana-AZ-four-hours-agoPast! The referee blows for the last time, in his piece, a-Z books, also in Kazakhstan, and a resounding victory against FC Astana, and it is doing business in the state in group L. FC Astana-AZ-four-hour geleden90+2 ” is a tremendous opportunity for still doing it in his hat-trick. The young striker to blast the ball in to an open goal, however.FC Astana-AZ-one hour ago

So, a lot of scoring Fredrik Midtsjö not, so it is a joy to the Ear, however, to be understood after the 0-2. Myron still doing it and has a lot more experience with the scoring, but it is, nevertheless, as a child, so happy to see the run of his team-mate.LASK RANGE one day ago

PSV’s eight matches in a row, they lost against Austria
PSV is unbeaten in its last eight meetings with Austrian opponents. The Locals have won six times, and had twice to satisfy with a draw. The last defeat dates back to 1981. Then lost to PSV eindhoven in the UEFA Cup with a 1-0 at Rapid Vienna.FC Astana-AZ-four-hour geleden83 ” is A technical tour de force of Wit, that is, the ball from a cross in from the right, with the heel pointing at the target to work. In the attempt to miss the force, and so Eric once again a rescue is carried out.FC Astana-AZ-four-hour geleden80′ Koopmeiners try to have the goal of Hakim Ziyech at Chelsea will have to duplicate it. The captain, a-Z, however, has the peep sight is not as sharp as the Ajax playmaker, and kegelt’s free-kick from the side of the bar.FC Astana-AZ-four hours ago,77′ GOAL in AZ! 0-5

A-Z goes full-throttle on a high score. The construction of the Astana team is totally not the case, as Ivan Maevsky, the ball under his foot and let it roll. Oussama Idrissi head off, and shall, Myron still doing it in his second match to move to.FC Astana-AZ-four hours ago,76′ GOAL in AZ! 0 to 4

A cut off of free kick from just joe Koopmeiners to fall into the path of Pantelis Hatzidiakos. The Greek central defender, considering and not-so-shells and the ball is beautifully in the cross.LASK RANGE · 2 hours ago

PSV at home, does not go beyond a 0-0 against LASK
PSV two weeks ago and in his own house and does not go beyond a 0-0-draw against LASK, which is the current number one in the Austrian Bundesliga. Trainer Mark van Bommel was not only in the ranking of the Europa League, but loss, for in that duel, fell to the throne of Steven Bergwijn, out with a hamstring injury. Well, tonight, he is still in the hospital.FC Astana-Z · 2 hours ago

The players from the a-Z celebration of one of the three goals will be scored. The Alkmaarders on the day of the 6-0 score of the heenwedstrijd have to match?LASK RANGE · 2-hour geledenDe the selection of the pitch has in the meantime arrived at the Linzer Stadion for the champions League match against LASK.

🔴 Ihattaren, Doan & Bruma, all starts for the BACKLINE…


AuteurUEFA Europe LeagueMoment of plaatsen18:15 – november 7, 2019FC Palm-Z · 2 hours ago

This is the AZ-supporters-in any case, it is not for nothing that the more than 5,000-kilometer-long journey of amsterdam to Astana is made. They have seen their team dominate, and at high speed, the victory sound.FC Astana-Z · 2 hours geleden67′ a-Z, and Astana will see in a minute, both with a very promising attack in garage due to an offside. It’s a bit dutiful in Nur-Sultan, where the duel was, of course, though a long time has been decided upon.FC Astana-Z · 2 hours geleden62′ is still doing it deeply and sent a high ball and it shows on Stengs, which is binnentikt. The goal, however, is disapproved because of offside, by still doing it, but the repetition shows that this is not the case. There will be a-Z, a clean goal taken away from them, and the Alkmaarders will be dissapointed that there is no VAR is present, it is in the Europa League.Back to top

Image: A Pro-Shots


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