Down the road, will win the major AIB’s Impact awards in London

Down the road, will win the major AIB's Impact awards in London

Great news from the United Kingdom, where the Single-program-Down-the-road, won the Wednesday night of the AIF’s Impact Award. The Association for international broadcasting AIB presents the annual awards to the broadcasters and programme makers from all over the world, factual tv, telephone, radio, video and online productions of all the different languages.

The AIB awards were this year already for the 15th time it has been issued and to count the 21 categories of the sport, and about the daily news, and documentaries, to science. In addition to these categories, there is also a prize for the impact of the AIF’s Impact Award recognizes a program that has a strong social and political impact. This year, which is the major honor of the One-set Down the road. Won last year by the way, the CNN International report on the trade in arms with this award. This is the first time seeing a program like this to win the prize.

Olivier, Goris, network manager First, Down the road, it is a perfect example of what One each and every day: pain, programs that will have an impact and make a difference. Our programs are designed to get the respondents views on talking about it, or put a little on. It is a great reward, and that we are now Down the road, even with international recognition. Thus, in line with broadcasters like the BBC and CNN, which is the impactprijs already did, this is beautiful!!!
The prize was established in London and is picked up by the Dieter Coppens and Gijs Polspoel, the director of Down the road.

Dieter Coppens: I knew not what to expect when we went for the first Down-the-road. During this trip I was surprised by how much my six fellow travelers, to the world, it looked, from what they said, and how they relate to one another and me to be treated… I, as Well as the crew were often those with tears in the eyes of the emotion, but also to laugh it off. They are truly the heart and on the tongue, lots of humor, and can put things into perspective and live life in the here and now. I’ve seen them a lot more than people think, and that they have a special ability, that has the flemish government has also felt it. That, and the rest of the world is upon us, since we could only have dreamed of. But in the meantime, however, it happened and that it was all for the sake of my awesome travel companions!