William’s Time will soon be on tour with B30VA’

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William’s Time was a Wednesday, the anniversary of the. For its 30th anniversary, and to celebrate, he suggests in the title, and the line-up for his third show for them. On February 1, the ” B30VA in today. After touring, he passed through Flanders. William’s Time is in 30’s now. More than thirty. When we asked him what he thought, he said, “I’m still young!” After that, bekogelde us with morocco and Pokémonkaarten.

And since this is so, the problem: 30 years of age. Not old but not really young any more. That is to say, as much as is expected of a person who is in 30’s. Do you have a house?” Are you going to get married? Do you have any kids? Do you need an extra charger for your smartphone? So, what about all of the fun stuff that’s up to you to 29, however, just in case? Why should you all of a sudden no longer a last-minute opportunity to meet up with friends in the middle of the night to a take-away order. Why is the official Nintendo merchandise collection, suddenly, for the children. “And yes, I’m well aware that the empty pizza boxes buitengezet to be, but I don’t have a fort built, and which is also the precious!” His life has come to an end? Or will he stick to it and it should all begin? William feels that his life is in your hands to make, because it’s not too late!!! He said. It’s time to say good bye to the old William…
The premiere on 1 February at the house of Arenberg, in his home town of Antwerp in belgium.