Tonight’s set shortly after his ‘Fork in the road’ live for the

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On Wednesday, the 6th november, shortly after his new album ‘Crossroads’ exclusively for the first time proposals, in the Banquet hall Delight in Humbeek. You can be there to see it. Buy your tickets for this verrassingsconcert get through

Friday the 8th of november with a ‘Fork in the road’, the long-awaited new album from the evening only, via Warner Music. For the “Fork in the road” concluded Koen and Kris filled in on the truth – all of the songs, which is what the obligation was, lyrically or musically, it no longer appears in the list. One of the song’s content is already easier to digest than the others. Koen, and William to go to the more difficult stuff out of the way, but they work through it. Honesty, warmth, and sometimes verkilling, the joys of life, and sometimes, beyond doubt, a deep joy, and sometimes of bitter disappointment: all of these emotions are at the ‘Fork in the road’.