This is the latest addition to The world’s Smartest Man In the World

fee541425510806c587c6ef3917805c9 - This is the latest addition to The world's Smartest Man In the World

The name is Alex, Vizorek when you ring a bell? You will without a doubt be forgiven. The 38-year-old Alex Vizorek, and stand-up comedian, and radio host.

“Alex, who lives and works in Paris, so it was not so easy to meet, since I will have less than that in Merksem,” laughs Erik Van Looy, who will explain about the new entrant to The world’s Smartest Human being In the World. “There are new facts: that he was the most popular comedian of the walloon region and, in addition, with a real radioster in France. In his busy agenda, he has nevertheless found a place for them to come out and play.”

The world’s Smartest Human being, today, FOUR.