She has A bring Sjokola in 5 languages

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Earlier this year, She has A new album on the market entitled, ” Sjokola’. The title of the album, and it opened quickly to the door, it is derived chocolate product the chocolate of the Day: A: ‘SJOKOLA The Sound of the Artist A

Over the last few months working Day very closely with Valentino Chocolatier, a well-known Belgian family-owned company that hand-crafted way, and the most delicious pralines and chocolate products are on the market by means of its own stores and independent retailers. Along with the meesterchocolatiers by Valentino, introduced the Artist and the taste of her chocolate together and put them in a box, along with the ones that are appropriate to the nature of the songs on the album. To listen to the songs on the album, with its chocolate gives an extra dimension to the experience of the music. ‘SJOKOLA The Sound of the Artist A ” from now on, with, or without, you can buy the cd.