One is the World Radio Festival is on-going

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Either the fourth one in this year’s magic 15th anniversary with the launch of its own digital radio and contentplatform: the One World Radio station. At first it was One, World of Radio is referred to as a special, for a limited time only verjaardagsproject of eight months, in the context of all of the celebrations for the 15 years of Festival, to celebrate the grand finale as Our goal is to be the Story of the Amsterdam Dance Event a few weeks ago. After a successful month full of unique content and an exclusive track (a live broadcast from the Festival and the Festival of Winter, the Festival’s Top 1000, Ibiza, 500, Armin van Buurens ‘ BALANCE the album’s release), and 12.3 million People, or Read about it, the whole world is expressing their love for the radio, showed up, deciding Either to go with the One World Radio as well as a permanent station. With the launch of a brand-new, One-World-Radio-app-brings “the sound of Tomorrowland” to music lovers all over the world, with a lot of new and innovative content on more platforms than ever before! Please Download the new One-World-Radio-app-now on Google Play or the App Store, and listen to it live at One World Radio.