Hanne of Q3: ‘and I hate a false note

Hanne of Q3: 'and I hate a false note

Today is the day-to-day for 4 years, Hanne, Klaasje and a short history of the new Q3 have been. While a great live show from the Ribbon, were the three women chosen as the alternative of Karen, Kristel and Josje. And those four years were a fun time, even if it was in the beginning this was not the case.

Hanne did not know for what, four years ago, it just happened. “Faith!” That’s the word that describes the first few months after the us Q3 search Q3, we won. Our whole life ahead of him after the 6th of november, was at its head. After the party we went to right of photo shoots to do, vocal parts, dance classes and voice coaching to follow, record a video clip, meet-and-greet and we went, ultimately, to the great afscheidstour with many examples of Karen, Kristel and Josje of writing the action of Q3 on Instagram.

“What a wonderful life you have given to us. I am so grateful that all this has happened. We are working hard to continue to improve, so the best possible result, and we have to give all of ourselves to everyone’s proud to do. After a 4-year in Q3, it is the disbelief slowly transformed into “joy”. In the beginning, there was a great deal of stress and anxiety in the face of uncertainty. A lot of questions, and I was so hard on myself,” says Hanne.