Even worse, the figures for “Some day”

46ebd5f5bcaf18729373744bb1713f27 - Even worse, the figures for "Some day"

How happy they are in the VTM’s also the audiences of ‘Farmer Seeks Wife” Around The World ” and other programs, Which one day you can’t really have a lot of viewers will love it. Monday looked less than 74,000 people to the program. Less than 11.3% of the people who, at the time of a day in front of the screen unable to work, were voted to the professional of the Tattoo is totally safe.

In the meantime, the producers of “What a day”, working on the program to work. Tuesday night we are still going to have to see What we’re doing to look at it, it’s going in the right direction. We have to give is totally safe and in any case, for the benefit of the doubt, there is certainly still a groeimarge.