What was the best concert of the festival in 2019?

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What was your musical highlight of the year? At Ticketmaster, we organise each year is the Ticket of-the-Year Award. Those who vote with a chance to win a great prize.

Until Sunday, the 10th of november, you can watch your favourite event and pass it to the online voting form. This allows one to determine not only who the eventual winner is going to be, but it’s still a chance to win a Ticketmaster gift Card worth £ 250. With a nice amount of money, you can also, by 2020, to enjoy the beautiful, or the wonderful music.

Anything and everything is possible

You are free to, in any event, you have to specify it as your favourite. This could be a concert, festival, performance or even a sports activity are. So everything is possible. In addition, it also allows you to specify who you would like to see in the year 2020. Who knows, maybe that desire really is, and you won a gift Card there are cards to buy.

Previous winners of the Ticket of the Year Award and was a popular open-air festivals, such as Coldplay, Pinkpop festival this year, and Ed Sheeran. Who will be the successor to it? If you go for the spectacular, the rockshows of the TOOL, and Muse at the Ziggo Dome or to the retirement of the legendary Elton John in the same room. It is, of course, can also be a show in a smaller venue like Paradiso, amsterdam or Tivoli Vredenburg in utrecht.

Or do you know a lot of the big festivals such as Lowlands, ITGWO, the Best Kept Secret, or the Black Race? Went last year for the rock, indie, dance or hip-hop. Or if you are more of a classical, world and jazz? Now is the perfect time to look back at the muziekjaar 2019, and a great price, grab it.